March 28, 2023

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Terrifying: She was buried alive and used her Apple Watch to call 911 from the grave.

An unusual event occurred in Washington, USA, thanks to which the protagonist of a woman saved her life Apple Watch After being assaulted by her ex-husband.

Young AnChe On, 42, was bound and gagged by her ex-partner After attacking him with a knife, he buried him alive. In the broadcast conversation, “Can you hear me?” says the operator Fox News. The girl tries to answer, but gagging, she can’t quite make herself understood. “What’s going on there? I’m going to get help for you. I’ll be in line with you”, the operator continued. Young yelled “Help! Help!” If you hear a dog barking.

A 53-year-old man has been named as the prime suspect by Lacey Police (Photo: Lacey Police, Washington)

Che dragged his wife into a van and locked her there. He then took her to a remote forest where he stabbed her in the chest and buried her alive in a shallow pit. The woman recounted that during the hours she was there, she was able to twist and breathe to keep the earth from suffocating her. “Finally ripping off the tape, he drove to a nearby home in Lacey, about 100 miles southwest of Seattle, where he knocked on the door and begged for help,” police said.

On Tuesday, Se, Yar He already had a restraining order against his ex-partnerPleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder in the first degree, kidnapping by domestic violence in the first degree and assault by domestic violence in the first degree.


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