April 1, 2023

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Tagliafico was a fan who managed to buy tickets for himself and two friends to see the national team

Three computers, four cell phones, number 4658 and a dream come true. Such is history Nicholas Casco, 22 years old, one of the lucky ones Among more than one million people were able to buy Tickets for Argentina-Panama After nearly two and a half hours of virtual queuing, they sell out.

Nicholas had thought of nothing else since the afternoon. Actually, probably almost three months now. He can’t hide his happiness, and he doesn’t want to either. “I’m so happy, everything is sweaty, I haven’t fallen yet”, DePortic laughs at the nerves he experienced as he progressed through the digital platform. In more than two hours, he went through all the states. “Before going in, he told me it was impossible, but he felt a minimal hope.” Account to NATION.

“I used three computers and four cell phones at different times to enter the digital platform.” A declared fan of Nicolás Tagliafico explains. “I enter the link from 12, 12.30, 13, and finally I was in line with the cell phone that I put on the 4658 post line at 13.30,” he clarifies. And excitedly he resumes: “Now I have to go to the pool with that number.” Winner.

The 22-year-old is a fan of Nicholas Tagliafico

“While I was waiting with my phone, I was having lunch with my mom at home, and when I was able to register 2000 and she asked me for all the information, I jumped off the table.” He remembers the speed with which he ran up and down the stairs in search of his wallet and still comes alive with surprise. “I was really nervous there because I thought I’d catch it when it was 10th,” he said. Agree.

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“At that time, I didn’t see any sign of setting a time limit, so I chose silence and put the data of my other two friends”, Nicholas explains. However, when he stepped in to pay for the tickets, the minutes started ticking away, as did the feeling of not seeing the team.

Nicolas Casco with the cut of “Tibu” Martinez

“I thought: ‘Now I’m going to pay, everything is cut off, but I was able to buy one'”. Chivori and Centenario.

A fan of the national team and Tagliafico, Nicolas lives in La Plata, where he teaches physical education and soccer. It is further described as a “Autonomous Disease” Dreaming of seeing Messi raise the glass on March 23. “Some, I don’t care if it’s not real,” he clarifies.

For Nicholas, the end of the friendship next Thursday is “story,” and it doesn’t worry him. “What I’m looking forward to most in this tournament is to see all the players from the World Cup on the field and Messi touring with the trophy,” he enthuses.

Like many, after the loss against Saudi Arabia, Nichols revised his cabals and “switched off” from watching only the game. Instead, he began meeting friends in an apartment for the conflict with Mexico. From then on, the group repeated their every step: ate hamburgers, places of honor and always charged their cell phones from the same socket. “A terrible spender of money, but we had to,” he recalls.

“It’s like being in Qatar on the 23rd, because when I went to the obelisk I wanted to see even a player’s hair, I wanted to feel as close as I could, I couldn’t . . . now it’s going to be everything,” he describes the celebrations on the day the Argentine team arrived in the country, leaving halfway through. He acted in a historic caravan.

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Come Thursday, Nichols can “get that thorn out” and watch the Nationals with two friends, the same friends who ate hamburgers with him five games in. Then, on the 30th, he must fulfill an old promise: tattoo the signature of the trophy and his idol guardian.

After the World Cup, Nicolas was encouraged to send a clear message to his idol: “Hi Daglia dear, how are you? Here’s your fan. I know you won’t read this but I’m going to get a tattoo with the 3 and the World Cup and I’d love it if you could send me a photo of your signature so I can put it on the tattoo. It would be the best thing in the world if you could read it and send it to me. Then I’ll get back to you with a photo of the tattoo. Thanks”.

More than 25 days later, the young man repeated his ambitious plan through a personal message on Instagram. Not losing his composure and trust in the protector, he chose to send his request to the brothers of Nicholas Tagliafico.

It was one of Tagliafico’s brothers who responded to Nicholas’ message and sent him the guardian’s signature. Now, seven days after the friendly with Panama, Nicolás must comply with the second part of the contract: send a photo of his tattoo to the national team player.

Nicholas’ plea to Tagliafico

The sale of the long awaited tickets started at 2:00 pm on the Deportick digital platform. In just over two hours, users in the queue crossed one million four lakh (1,400,000). As the minutes passed, criticism erupted on social networks, especially because of the slowness of the process. Finally, after 4:00 p.m. Almost 50,000 seats were sold out Argentina will face Panama in a friendly match at the Memorial Stadium on Thursday 23rd.

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Throughout the sales process in question, users have to follow a series of steps such as registering via email, specifying the number of tickets, selecting a location, payment method and acquisition format. As usual, the price of the tickets includes a “service charge”.

Values ​​for the tournament started at 12,000 pesos for generals and 7,000 for minor generals; 24,000 The Chivori/Centenario Alta; 48,000 San Martin/Belgrano Baja; and 49,000 for San Martin/Belgrano Media.

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