February 4, 2023

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Steve Bannon, global far-right thinker, on the brink of contempt | After Congress missed Sapona for the attack on Capitol

Committee of U.S. Legislators investigating Attack on the Capitol Last January 6 Voted unanimously to seek criminal charges for contempt against Steve Bannon, A former adviser to Donald Trump, for refusing to testify. “Mr. Pennan will comply with our investigation or face the consequences.”Warned democracy Penny Thompson, Chairman of the Bilateral Commission investigating the attack on the Congress headquarters.

The committee decided unanimously, with the votes of the two Republicans forming the organization.Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsinger, just 25 minutes into the meeting. The contempt notice of the Commission of Inquiry now goes to the closing meeting of the lower houseIt is expected to vote on Thursday. If approved, One that is predictable for a Democratic majority, The report will be submitted to the Judiciary Finally to prosecute Bannon, a humiliated former campaign strategist.

“Multiple role” in attack on Capitol

“We will not allow anyone to interfere in the work of the special commission when we clarify the facts. There is a high risk,” Congressman Thompson told White House ahead of a nine-member consensus vote in favor of the former adviser’s allegation. According to a statement issued by the Commission,At the January 6 events Mr. Pannan seems to have played a multifaceted roleMoreover, the American people have a right to hear the first testimony of his actions. “

Banerjee did not appear before the special commission when it was summoned to appear on Tuesday. House of Representatives examining former President Trump’s role in the attack on his supporters against Congress headquarters. One protester was killed and dozens of police were injured in what became known as the Cold WarThrows out lawmakers, interrupts Democrat Biden’s victory over Trump Election fraud was reported last November.

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Bannon He is regarded by his followers and his opponents as the main guru of the far extreme right around the world. After promoting hate campaigns in the US from the internet Breitbart News, Banan’s hegemonic plan soon landed in Europe. It became one of the best advertisers in the United Kingdom Brexit In Spain he met the leaders several times Vox And came face to face with the Hungarian Prime Minister, Victor Orban. But Trump’s former adviser, along with Brazilian President Jair Bolzano, set his sights on Latin America. Sub Eduardo Bolzano, The president’s son, Panan, was elected regional chairman of the World Political Council Movement, Defined by its members “Internationalization of New Rights”.

The vote on Bannon came a day later Trump is asking for justice to prevent Biden’s decision Records of the attack on the Capitol by White House officials during the Republican presidency must be submitted to the Commission of Inquiry. The far-right Guru had told the panel through his lawyers The “administrative privilege” of suspending his testimony until Trump’s appeal is resolved, Allowing presidents to keep certain conversations secret with their aides.

Ten days ago, Biden authorized the National Archives to hand over the documents to the committee, rejecting Trump’s arguments that they understood the texts should be kept secret because they could endanger national security. A report released on Tuesday suggests that the case may have been different, despite the failure of several sapphires prior to the insult, as presidential administrations did not want to prosecute officials.

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“Mr. Bannon has no right to ignore the Commission’s Sapno.” The Congress woman said this Liz Cheney, Daughter of former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney. At Tuesday’s meeting, Cheney said Bannon and Trump’s actions “The former president was personally involved in the planning and implementation of January 6”.

The Commission’s decision paves the way for a full House of Representatives under democratic control. Vote whether Penn can be sent to the judiciary to decide whether to charge. A source from the Republican Party who spoke with Independent Anonymously, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and his colleague Steve Sculise instructed their troops to reject the move. However, the Republican “no” will not be enough to block approval during Thursday’s vote.

What can happen Bannon?

Although he was not in office on Jan. 6, Congressional investigative committee wants Bannon to testify because he believes Former Consultant I had some prior knowledge about the serious events that could happen on January 6th. The commission based its suspicions on statements he made on his podcast the day before the attack on the commission. “Will there be chaos tomorrow? A lot of people told me: ‘Man, if there was a revolution, it would be in Washington.’. Well, that would be our moment in history, “Bonan told his audience.

If convicted, Pennan could face up to a year in prison, although he will only have to pay a $ 100,000 fine.. Bonan, 67, was one of the architects of Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign Breitbart theory: “If you want to make profound changes in society, you must first divide it.”

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His influence in the Republican Party reached such a level that in February 2017 he was appointed a member of the National Security Council, where the United States defines its domestic and foreign security policy. However, in April of that year, he was displaced by disagreements with several White House advisers, including Trump’s son – in – law, Jared Kushner.