June 4, 2023

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Social movements have called off tomorrow’s anti-government march to celebrate the Argentina team.

Social movements stopped the march this Tuesday

“We cannot be outside of people’s happiness. Suspending proceedings As he said, until we decide how we proceed Lionel Scalloni (Coach of the Qatari champion men’s national football team), today we are happy, but ‘problems will continue because life goes on, but be happy’. In this way, the main leaders of the Workers’ Union of the People’s Economy (UTEP) complied. infobae They put in wait Violent actions organized by pro-government social movements against the government from tomorrow Alberto Fernandez “$13,500 pitiful bonus awarded to beneficiaries of potentiator trabajo; adjustments at social events and food shortages at soup kitchens and popular picnic areas”.

The decision was taken today after the members of the national men’s football team agreed Lionel Messi At the helm, they will arrive in Ezeiza early tomorrow morning. The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has organized an obelisk to celebrate winning the World Cup in Qatar..

It has been agreed to march at the doors of major hypermarkets and food establishments tomorrow, December 20, and to block corridors across the country on Thursday, December 22. Esteban “Gringo” Castro, UTEP’s general secretary, threatened to hold a “poor man’s Christmas” on the night of December 24. A protest similar to the one waged in 2018 against the administration of Mauricio Macri. “This bond is neither Christian nor Peronist,” the president of Evita and member of the Francisco Missioneros movement told him.

While new dates and protest methods have already been voted on, several organizations that are a part of UTEP Christmas Eve in Congress with homeless people and homeless families.

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At the head of the organization of action is the Movement of Excluded Workers (MTE). Juan Grapois, Project 7 and Organization Nuestramérica. slogan “There is no family without Christmas”.

Argentina team celebrates at the obelisk (Adrien Escander).
Argentina team celebrates at the obelisk (Adrien Escander).

“We know these are very important dates for many people with strong index fees, and that’s why we’re asking you to help us make a great Christmas schedule possible one last time,” they said in a statement opening the call. Donations asked for volunteers. Popular tables will be installed in front of the Congress and in the Plaza de Mayo, in front of the Casa Rosada.

Community organizations have been doing sustained work with homeless people for years with various initiatives such as food aid (providing meals and food plates). First Hearing and Psychological Care; Advice on access to social security and documents; Integration of public systems (justice, social development, health); Shower, toilet and laundry use.

On December 10, 2021, they achieved the approval of a national law that seeks to restore the violated human rights of this population through the creation of a national network of community coordination centers, an annual census and a telephone service system. mobile phone A year after the clearance, the country’s Ministry of Social Development has taken over Peace of Victoria ToulouseBut before Juan Zabaleta Y Daniel Arroyo, Still haven’t sorted it out It will be one of the Christmas Eve keynotes in Congress.

As this media has already reported, apart from the postponement of street protests against the government of which they are a part, there are officials from the National Cabinet who are anxiously observing that it is the bodies of leaders that form the national executive. They encourage marches against the Pink House.

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On top of all this, the famous Economic Secretary, Emilio Persico, from the Ministry of Social Development, for a questionable empowerment project, now under judicial scrutiny. He was one of the leaders of the Evita movement.

A second reference to Evita Fernando “Chino” NavarroThe Secretary for Relations with Civil Society and Community Development reports to the Chief of Staff.

Emilio Persico and Fernando "Chino" Navarro, Officers and Leaders of the Evita Movement
Emilio Persico and Fernando “Chino” Navarro, officers and leaders of the Evita movement

Somos barrios de pai are another of those encouraging mobilization against the paltry bonus of 13,500 pesos. Your National Coordinator Daniel Menendez, Undersecretary for Coordinating and Training Policies, which also falls under the Dolosa Pass Ministry. The same thing happens Fernanda MinoSocio-Urban Integration Secretary and MTE Chairman.

“The Christmas bonus has broken the peace of the national government with the popular movements it creates,” Castro said in front of the economy ministry last week. Sergio MassaAnd it warned that conflict on the streets and roads could worsen after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, due to a fall in social programs such as empowerment work.

Esteban "Gringo" Castro proposed to implement "A poor man's Christmas" If the government does not provide redress to the claims of official social movements
Esteban “Gringo” Castro proposed holding a “Christmas for the poor” if the government did not provide a solution to the demands of the official social movements.

Between November and December, Dolosa Pass has already suspended more than 23,000 holders of that plan due to “incompatibilities” detected by AFIP and the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, and it could reach 250,000.

Last Friday, near the Palacio de Hacienda, the general secretary of UTEP said that there is no reason why the government should not guarantee the full Christmas bonus to Potenciar Trabajo beneficiaries (more than 1,300,000 people) “We are talking. Seven thousand pesos for Christmas and seven thousand pesos for Kings (added to the 13,500 already given ). It is impossible not to solve this problem,” he told the crowd that surrounded him: “Next week we will meet in each supermarket. We will choose the place and the number of people well. We will guarantee that there is no confusion that the existing authorities are trying to create, and on Thursday (22) On that day we will cut off all the roads of the country”.

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For now, these activities have been temporarily suspended and a date for their resumption will be decided in the next few hours.