February 4, 2023

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Should Ómicron wave stop registering all cases of Govt-19 disease victims?

The Ómicron variant of the corona virus doubles the number of cases every 2 or 3 days while circulating in the community and leads to the collapse of the trial system (Cézaro De Luca – Europa Press)

The emergence of the Omicron variant of the corona virus concern marked a shift in efforts to control the epidemic around the world. COVID-19 cases increased, and the need for testing increased. This situation led to a decline in the organization of these tests in many countries and the use of home tests was encouraged. Unemployment also increased as more people became ill or had close contact and had to isolate themselves. In many countries, mandatory isolation days for victims and close contacts are relaxed. Experts are debating whether it is appropriate today to treat Govit-19 as a local disease, such as the flu or measles.

Today 52% of the world’s population has a complete immunization program against Govt-19. 10% is the third dose. With the advancement of the vaccine and the advancement of Ómicron due to the labor and health effects already caused by the epidemic wave, the restrictions have been reduced and already exist in countries., Like Spain, they are working on a moment of change that means treating COVID-19 made with the flu, even though they are different viral diseases. Every year, not all cases of flu are recorded by health officials, but rather sentinel surveillance is carried out..

In Spain, the Sentinel Surveillance System for Covit-19 is in the final stages of preparation among those responsible for the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies for warning reports, including technicians from autonomous communities; And the National Center for Epidemiology (CNE). A team of primary school physicians or health centers will be selected, which will work with hospitals, in a strategic way, to act as witnesses. Thus, A model of statistical significance will be developed and distributed at key points. Instead of carrying out the full number of confirmed Govt-19 cases, further studies on the circulation of the virus will be carried out.

In Spain, they are working to transition from global surveillance to mild acute respiratory infection guards in primary schools and to acute ones in hospitals (REUTERS / Javier Barbancho)
In Spain, they are working to transition from global surveillance to mild acute respiratory infection guards in primary schools and to acute ones in hospitals (REUTERS / Javier Barbancho)

Accordingly Ambaro Larry, The head of the National Epidemiological Surveillance Committee for Influenza and Other Respiratory Viruses said the change was justified in expanding the corona virus to a larger population. “Now, given the enormous nature of the COVID, the biggest challenge is to comply strictly with global monitoring protocols, which is becoming impossible. Faced with this new reality, we are working on the transition from a global watchdog for acute respiratory infections in primary schools and hospitals to a watchdog. But it cannot be changed overnight. We have international obligations [de notificación de todos los casos] And the integration of the Sentinel system, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau Country.

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In Argentina,The country’s health minister, Carla Vicotti, acknowledged that they were following changes in strategy in Spain. We continue to explore whether this is necessary and, if possible, to continue to reduce the isolation of strategic personnel, always looking at the security and resources that this measure creates, “he said, adding that he could begin with an expert view today. Corona should be considered a “local”. “In Spain they are even considering taking it as a common flu,” the official explained.

The change, which is taking place in Spain, will pave the way for monitoring the circulation of the corona virus. But this does not mean changes in treatment. Depending on the severity of the patient, physicians should continue to treat patients with the protocols and treatments they administer when they become available.

But despite that, The change in surveillance at this stage of the epidemic is still competitive. Adolfo Garcia-Chastre, director of the Global Institute for Health and Emerging Pathogens at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, “The problem is, the number of infections is still high, we’re infected with something, so it’s causing more problems,” Garcia Chastre explained. He felt that the anxiety waves of COVID-19 were unlikely to recur until the next winter in 2023, and predicted that the epidemic would begin “seasonally”, creating seasonal infections such as the flu.

But despite that, The flu is not as mild as commonly believed. According to the Carlos III Health Institute estimates, in the 2017-2018 season, the flu directly or indirectly caused about 15,000 deaths in Spain. 41 people die every day.

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“Over the next six months, most people will be exposed to the omigran variant of the corona virus. But that does not mean that everyone is necessarily affected, ”he said Infobe Days ago Joe Hyde is an epidemiologist and biological statistician at the Center for Health and Aging at the University of Western Australia. “If we use better masks like KF94 and N95, we can improve ventilation by bringing in more fresh air from outside, and if we use HEPA air purifiers, we can prevent many infections. I do not think governments are shrugging their shoulders and infecting everyone,” he argued.

Even if COVID-19 becomes a local disease, there are experts who warn that it does not pose a risk to human health (REUTERS / Angela Ponce / File)
Even if COVID-19 becomes a local disease, there are experts who warn that it does not pose a risk to human health (REUTERS / Angela Ponce / File)

In addition, Dr. Hyde pointed out Infobe: “People are under the misconception that COVID-19 will become a local disease. I think it will not go away like the common cold. Instead, it will be a new wave every time a new variant emerges. The reason we have constant variations is that governments have not done enough to stop the exchange. I want governments to switch to vaccination strategies such as air purification measures, increased ventilation and the use of HEPA air purifiers. “

Meanwhile, Stephen Griffin, an associate professor of virology at the University of Leeds, recalled: Measles and mumps are local, but they depend on the vaccine. ” He stressed that “endemic” does not mean that diseases lose their risks to human health.

As more people with the vaccine develop immunity to the corona virus or recover from the infection, the chances of the virus triggering a serious illness may be lower. But it may recur. The good news is, more people are less likely to be vaccinated. The less people are infected, the less likely the virus is to develop.

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