March 28, 2023

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Shooting in Mexico: Two tourists are killed in one of the most luxurious hotels in Playa del Carmen.

Mexico City (AP) .- A New Fact Violence Affects one of them Places The most heavenly in the world, Two Canadians were killed and a third was injured in the shooting At Xcaret Hotel on the Mayan Riviera, One of the jewels of கரிபே Mexican.

According to the official version, the incident took place yesterday inside the famed Hotel, South Carmen Beach, There was an argument between some guests, which ended in a shootout Guns.

Lucio Hernandez, Secretary of State for Public Security in the South Quintana Rs, Explained that three Canadians were injured in the incident and were immediately transferred to hospital and one of them died on arrival at the health center.

A few hours later, however, Quintana Roo’s attorney’s office reported the death of another of the injured and noted that both were dead. They had a criminal record of drug trafficking and misuse, Among others. The company’s attorney general, Oscar Montes de Oga, was among those injured by the local radio station Radio Formula. There is a girl.

However, authorities did not provide details on the identity of the deceased or the injury.

The video of the moment of hearing the five explosions was aired on social networks Guns and some guests in the pool inside the Xcaret Hotel began to flee.

Moments after the incident, there were scenes of victims lying on the ground in a state of tension and fear.

For his part, the Secretary of Defense disclosed his account Twitter Three pictures of the guest who allegedly fired and said it was activated Strong action to catch him.

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The fact that it took place many hours ago is one of the most chosen places by international tourists Vacationer And enjoying the beaches is part of the wave of violence experienced in the area. A. there last November Shooting in the middle of the beach in Porto MorelosIn Riviera Maya, two people identified as drug traffickers were killed. About 15 men took part in the incident, and members of a gang operating in the area entered the beach through a hotel and started firing among dozens of tourists.

Also, in October, another similar event took place in the tourist city துலும், Puerto Morelos South, where Two foreign tourists, a blogger from California born in India and another of German descent, were shot dead when they were caught in the middle of a confrontation between drug gang members.

Shooting at Playa del Carmen

After the incidents, the government Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador sent a battalion of 1,445 national guards to Quintana Roo. As part of a support program to strengthen security in the tourist area.

Picture Cancun and Mayan Riviera, Each year thousands of local and foreign visitors are struck by Mexico’s two tourist jewels. Incidents of violence Associated with gangs affiliated with Sinaloa and Jalisco new generation cartels, Among other groups, competition to control drug trafficking at retail, not only in marginalized areas, but also on the beach and in the most exclusive hotels.