June 3, 2023

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She’s a flight attendant and says what to avoid on flights: “You never know.”

The aviation industry is one of the industries that generates a lot of interest and controversy, not only in the United States, but around the world because of generally negative circumstances. Airports and airlines constantly receive complaints about the quality of service they provide, and perhaps that’s why Los Flight attendant TikTok accounts are becoming more popularBecause they always provide answers to the questions that attract customers.

@barbiebac.ok account It is the most requested one. Barbie is from Argentina, currently living in Italy, 30 years old and has over 3,000,000 followers who share her daily posts on events and travel tips. His clips are going viral because they show a candid side of his performance on the plane and in them he speaks in Spanish.

Argentinian flight attendant shares things she wouldn’t do as a passenger

As you go Hostesses Barbie explains in a video why they know how to deal with passenger anxiety during a complicated flight, and why moments of turbulence, rather than representing fear, are generally well-received by cabin crew: “We flight attendants love turbulence. , because We can relax a bit because we have to sit down and we can’t get up to serve foodFor example”.

He further said: “We’re used to turbulence, so we’re not afraid.” This is an important point because the composure of flight attendants is necessary to control tension among passengers.

However, TikToker said why, despite the fact that this moment allows them to take a breather from their activities, theirs is the worst place to rest on a plane: “To begin with, the seat is a table, it has almost no padding (…) Another thing, you look back, it’s not normal.”. He added that the only good thing is that they are next to the door, but they “get off last.”

To calm those who often suffer moments of turbulence, Barbie shared a clip showing how the plane remained under control with the autopilot, despite problems in the air. “Altitude is constant, so it doesn’t go up or down, it stays where it is, and speed, it doesn’t go faster or slower, so be still”He explained with a smile.

The flight attendant explains why they have the worst seat on the plane

The flight attendant explains why they have the worst seat on the plane

An Argentinian flight attendant has shared some tips for passengers on what not to do while flying. First, he said he would not go to a certain sector of the plane without shoes. “Bathrooms are usually damp and not necessarily because of water”He wakes up and says he won’t walk through the corridors like that either.

Among other things he doesn’t recommend are leaning their faces against the windows because “the mirrors aren’t usually cleaned very often, so you might end up with a smudge or a mouthful” and storing things in the seat bags: “You can’t imagine the disgusting things that passengers get out of there.”

In conclusion, Barbie’s top advice is not to piss off the flight attendants: “Having them as enemies is the worst thing that can happen to you during a flight.”


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