May 30, 2023

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Sheep walk in a circle for 12 consecutive days creating mystery in the networks

This is a phenomenon that has caused a stir on social media.

Hundreds of people Goats Walk in a circle for 12 days In the Mongolian region, in the north China. The event caused a stir on social networks and went viral due to the mystery surrounding the images.

According to People’s Daily, the sheep were healthy and their behavior was unknown. In the video, you can see the herd Walking clockwiseie in a circle.

The owner of the flock, identified as Meow, said that a few sheep started with this behavior, and then the rest joined in. This is a farm with 34 pens but this event only occurred on number 13.

A video of sheep walking in circles in the barn went viral.

Veterinarians consulted by the company “Molecare Farm Vets” indicated that the cause of the sheep’s behavior could not be properly explained. However, they do not rule out that animals are subject to its effects ListeriosisA bacterial disease.

It is a disease that causes inflammation on one side of the brain, in this case, sheep will walk in a circle or suffer from paralysis on the affected side.

However, this is strange because animals are infected with the aforementioned bacterium They die 24 or 48 hours after the first symptoms appear (anorexia, disorientation and disorientation). In this case, these goats roam around for more than 12 days.

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