May 22, 2022

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She rescues her daughter from a sex trafficking gang and kills her boyfriend for selling him to criminals

The 60-year-old was arrested on Wednesday, November 3 in Spokane, Washington, USA. Daughter’s boyfriend murdered, Was motivated when she learned that the young man had sold her to a sex trafficking network.

The crude murder at the hands of John Eisenman would have been carried out a few days after it was discovered that his “little girl” was part of a kidnapping network located in the Seattle area. First, Easonman Went to save the young girl.

After returning safely to their hometown, The victim told her family that her boyfriend Aaron Sorensen was responsible for the traumatic experience. He also described where he was hiding.

He murdered his mother-in-law after receiving a complaint of sexual harassment

Without thinking twice, the 60-year-old took a short trip to the neighboring town of Airway Heights. While there, he had the opportunity to create a plan that would end the boy’s life at once.

Thinking he should not waste any more time, he went home and abducted him. Immediately, he went to a deserted place where no one was walking or security cameras were installed. Finally, He hit his head on the concrete.

However, Aaron’s death did not come from catastrophic influences. On the contrary, Caused by multiple and endless stabs Who gave him. After the murder, The father abandoned the body of the 19-year-old.

He found his 8-year-old daughter abusive and killed his friend

He admitted it was more than a car, he drove it to a remote area of ​​North Spokane County. The body remained there until October 2021, when it was discovered by a previously unidentified person.

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He got into someone else’s car, drove it back to Spokane and crashed into Everett. Everett’s neighbors came to inspect the new vehicle because of its suspicious presence and the stench coming from inside.

That was when they found Sorensen’s battered body inside the trunk, in a highly decomposed state. During the investigation of this case, the authorities arrested John Eisenman He was murdered in the first degree and imprisoned in the district jail.


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