December 6, 2022

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Sappho Guzman: 6 years after the capture, how the Sinaloa cartel continues

“Mission accomplished: We have it. I would like to inform the people of Mexico that Joaquin Guzmn Lora has been arrested., Said the tweet of the then President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto January 8, 2016. This is The For the third time they captured Sappo Guzman, Primitive Sinaloa is the leader of the cartel, It was On July 11, 2015, he escaped from the maximum security prison, El Adbliano (Almoloya, State of Mexico). Odyssey is over A tunnel, from the bathroom of his room to the nearby building. His wife, Emma Coronal (He was married in 2007) would have helped Leakage.

Sappho’s last film, he is waiting to be handed over

Already in October 2015 the Big boss Narco He was found in a field in the city of Durango, from where he escaped with two women and a girl. In January 2016, he was at an address in Los Mochis. Sinaloa, There on the 8th of that month Act to stop it. At 5 bodyguards of El Chapo were killed and 6 others were arrested, Locondo Guzman Go out with Evan “Solo” Castellum (Your Security Chief) Below a sewer. Eventually, the car they stole to escape was found by officers on a nearby road Joaquin “Sappho” Guzman was arrested.