March 28, 2023

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Russia launched a massive bombardment on the Ukrainian city of Slovyansk: “Hay muchos muertos y inridos”

Miembros del servicio de las tropas pro-rusas conducen un tank durante el conflict entre Ukraina y Rusia en la región de Donetsk. La escritura en el tanke says: “Russia”. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

Los bombardeos con lanzacohetes multiples have left multiple victims fatal in the Ukrainian city of Slovyansk, which has been attacked by the advance of the Russian troops, according to its mayor.

Bombardeo massivo de Slaviansk. El más grande de todos. Muchos muertos y heridos. Aguantamos. Estamos juntos”, said Vadim Lyakh, the mayor of this city of the east of the country in his Telegram account.

In the same message, The mayor assures that the bombardment has provoked a dozen fires across the city.

Poco después, the spokeswoman for the Ukrainian administration in the region of Donetsk, Tetiana Ignatchenko, has confirmed the provisional balance of six dead and 15 wounded in declarations collected by the Suspilne portal.

Slovyansk is located in the eastern center of the country and is a strategic objective in the Donetsk region. Approximately 100.0000 people lived there before the beginning of the war, last February 24.

Un restaurante atacado con una bomba de racimo en Slovyansk.  REUTERS/Jorge Silva
Un restaurante atacado con una bomba de racimo en Slovyansk. REUTERS/Jorge Silva

This Sunday, in addition, Russia claimed control of the entire region of Lugansk, east of Ukraine, after the conquest of the key city of Lysychansk at the end of intense fighting. Ukraina reocnoce el avance ruso pero asegura que sus tropas aún resisten.

El domingo por la mañana, el gobernador de la region de Lugansk, Serguéi Gaidai, dejó entender que las fuerzas ukranianas estaban perdiendo terreno en Lysychansk, a city of 100,000 inhabitants antes de la war.

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“The Russians are entrenching themselves in a district of Lysychansk, the city is on fire,” Gaidai said in Telegram. “Están atacado la ciudad con tácticas inexplicably brutales”, he added.

The conquest of Lysychansk – if confirmed – would allow the Russian troops to advance towards Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, further west, securing practically control of the region, which was partially in the hands of pro-Russian separatists since 2014.

Mientras tanto, los missiles seguieron cayendo en Ukraina, matando a dozenas de personas.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky cited six attacks in his daily discourse on the nation last Saturday.

“Feroces combates continue all along the front line, in the Donbás”, he said, and also pointed out that “the activity of the enemy in the region of Járkov is intensifying”.

In the small city of Donetsk, Siversk, an inhabitant told AFP that “the bombardments continue day and night”.

Two people died and three were injured -among them two children- in an attack against the city of Dobropillya, according to the local authorities of Donetsk.

Zelensky warned against the “sensación de relaxation” in many cities of the rear guard. “La guerra no ha terminado”, he said. “Por desgracia, su cruelty no hace más que aumentar en algunos lugares, y no puede olvidarse”.

Reconstruct Ukraine

In his speech, Zelensky also referred to the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine that will begin on Monday in Switzerland. Leaders of a dozen countries and international organizations will meet in Lugano with the objective of drawing a road map for the recovery of the war-torn country.

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Reconstruir Ukraina “requires colossal investments, miles de milliones, nuevas tecnologias, las mejores prácticas, nuevas institución y, por supuesto, reformas”, anticipated Zelenski.

It is hoped that the road map will establish the needs of reconstruction for a destroyed infrastructure, a devastated economy, and an urgent social and environmental recovery.

The reconstruction could cost hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars.