January 27, 2023

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Russia is one of the few countries in the world to have international reservations or international invitations to travel to Ukraine.

Side del Banco Central Ruso, in Moscú (Reuters)

The Ministro of Finanzas Ruso, Anton Siluanov, dijo this entry Occidente has a block of 300,000 million dollars in las reservations or or divos in Banco Central de Rusia debit a las sanciones por la invoice in Ukrania, cis la mitad de las reservas de Rusia.

“This is the closest thing to these reservations in ten days. Tenemos has a total total reservations of 640.000 millones worth of dollars and an average of 300.000 millones ahora in a single location in which no podemos usarlas”, Siluanov, is one of the most sought after public figures in the televised public works.

Tambiin, the ministro accusós accidental ejercer presine sobre china para que limit aceso de russia your sus reservations en yuanes.

Siluanov record Federación Rusa is one of the most sought after items in the world., por l Occidente intenta que China restrinja tombien el accuso de rusia a su moneda. “Y vemos la presien ezercida por paise occidentals sobre China para limiter el comercio mutuo con China. For the most part, I’m just trying to limit my access to these reservations in ten minutes, ”he said.

Create the newest associations with China in our permitting mantra to collaborate with the hemos logrado or no solo manternerla, sino tambiin aumentarla en las condikiones en que los mercados occidentales est cerrados”, Subray el titular del Ministerio de Finanzas.

All responsive Finanzas colleagues who visit Russia or any of your obligations are welcome pagará en rublos Minds los occidentals sigon manteniendo congeladas las reservas oro divisai, and subray que el pais tiene bastantes rikorus saro garantizar la los bienes neesarios.

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The rublo batie en los ultimos dasas su mnimo histrico frend al dlar, with more than 130 units for divisa estadonidense.


The economics of the Russian subcontinent is influenced by the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the primary priority of the Banco Central and Los principals bancos.

El martes, las sanciones pasaron a un nivel mayor, cuando el presidente joe biden decretó un embargo sos las importaciones estadounidance de petroleo y gas rusos.

Possible case of pagos

The Fitch rebate in the calibrated category of the 28-year-old Rusas materiel primaries and afirmó that pores passible as a “suspenseful pagos”.

Fitch’s B a “principal, CC” is not the most important group gasomatic Gazprom, the petrolera Lukoil, the las empresas mine Rusal, Polyus, Evraz et otras 23 societies that trabajan con materias primas.

For those who are “probable” these opinions are considered complete with your compromises financiers.

To find out more about Reisgos, the autobiography of the Gobierno Ruso for Devolver rublos These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use in composting these capacitors for pager at the time of low accreditors.

This list includes all the passages in Uni Europe, Australia, Rino Unido, Canadian, Mnaco, Corea del Sur, Estados Unidos, Suiza and Japan.

(Information on EFE and AFP)