June 4, 2023

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Russia has said it has no intention of attacking Ukraine, but has warned the United States not to “underestimate” the potential for conflict.

Wendy Shermany and Sergei Rybkov (REUTERS / Denis Balibous)

Washington said Monday it was “taking Russia ”s plans for security guarantees” very seriously. “ During the talks, Moscow’s negotiator said his country had no intention of attacking Ukraine.

After several hours of conversation with his US envoy, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapkov has urged Washington not to “underestimate the risks” of the conflict, but said the situation was not “hopeless”.

They refer to the high-level meeting on Sunday and today The beginning of a diplomatic marathon It lasts for a whole week Russia will meet with NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

For his part, the US Undersecretary of State, Wendy Sherman said she had talked with Russia about mutual measures to expand missiles and reduce training, but said Moscow had renewed warnings about key costs if it invaded Ukraine.

“We have come up with a number of ideas that will enable our two countries to work together to enhance our security interests and improve strategic stability.”Sherman told reporters after speaking with Sergei Rybko in Geneva.

Thus said Sherman Provided extensive discussions on the installation of missiles, Following Russia’s demands for security guarantees due to the deployment of troops on the border with Ukraine.

Satellite image showing Russian troops stationed at Yelnia (REUTERS)
Satellite image showing Russian troops stationed at Yelnia (REUTERS)

But he made it clear He rejected a Russian call for a pledge that Ukraine would not join NATO.

“But in spite of that, We are committed to rejecting security plans that are not innovative in the United States. We will not allow anyone to close NATO’s open door policy”.

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He called on Russia to repatriate about 100,000 troops or to clarify its motives. If Russia invades, there will be significant costs and consequences, Much more than they encountered in 2014, when Moscow captured the Crimean peninsula and supported the uprising in eastern Ukraine, he said.

“Conversation was hard, it could not be easy”Rybkov said of his talks with the United States on Sunday. He called the two-hour conversation with Sherman “formal.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen considered his role in the chain CNN That “There is a path of dialogue and diplomacy to resolve some of these differences and avoid conflict.”

“If Russia renews its aggression against Ukraine in any other way, there will be conflict and massive consequences.” Warned.

Anthony Blingen (REUTERS)
Anthony Blingen (REUTERS)

In this series of meetings, the United States seeks to reassure its European allies They will not be sidelined in conversations.

In June, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin met with US President Joe Biden in Geneva and agreed to establish regular talks led by Sherman and Rybkov.

Speaking twice to his US envoy since the outbreak of the crisis, Putin warned that imposing new sanctions would be a “grave mistake” and threatened retaliation. “Military and Technical” And his rivals insist “Maintaining [esa] Tax, very clearly aggressive ”.

That was questioned by the Russian president -He got- Although Western countries consider them “red lines”, expand the dialogue to their various demands.

According to the Kremlin, Western nations are either provoking Russia and stationing troops at their gates or arming the Ukrainian army fighting pro-Russian separatists in the Donbass in eastern Ukraine.

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In this sense, Putin has called for a major deal to exclude Ukraine from joining NATO And it provides for the withdrawal of American soldiers from the eastern countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

But despite that, The Americans have promised not to reduce their forces in Poland or the Baltic states, and have threatened to strengthen them if Russia goes on the offensive.

(With information from AFP)

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