June 3, 2023

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Russia has admitted to misinterpreting data requested by the WHO to evaluate the Sputnik V vaccine.


It is recognized by Russia They have not yet “provided the necessary information” to the WHO for certification for the corona virus vaccine. Because they have “a Different view of data to be sent and how it should be delivered”.

“We have different standards”A spokesman for the president explained that Russia was “gradually adapting to these demands” and that the country’s authorities had nothing to blame themselves for.

Announced with great pomp by the President of Russia, Vladimir PutinUsed in mid-2020 and several months later, Sputnik V has been used in dozens of countries and its reliability Checked by a valuable medical journal The Lancet.

However, until now It has not been approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or EU medical authorities due to Russia’s inability to provide the necessary documentation to prove that it is safe and effective..

Due to the lack of approval, millions of travelers will not be able to enter places that require a complete vaccination schedule with the formula approved by Geneva.

A person injects Sputnik V into a file image.  EFE / EPA / Yuri Kochetkov
A person injects Sputnik V into a file image. EFE / EPA / Yuri Kochetkov

Russia has too Difficulty in convincing his own people to return to Sputnik V., In an environment of great distrust of the authorities.

“Other vaccine manufacturers have been able to understand what certification the WHO is asking of them. And we just don’t understand“, தி Anti-Corruption Fund He was imprisoned by the main Russian opposition (FBK) Alexei Navalny, And Twitter.

“And that’s the effect Our own citizens do not trust this vaccine because the WHO cannot integrate it”Lamented FBK.

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Foreign vaccine against COVID-19 is not registered in Russia.

According to the basic number on the Gogov website, 42.2% of the Russian population is vaccinated against the disease.

To date, Russia has officially registered 10 million corona virus cases and 291,749 deaths from the disease.

According to the National Statistics Office Rosstad, Which has a wide definition of virus-related deaths, The death toll at the end of October exceeded 520,000.

(With information from AFP)

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