June 4, 2023

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Rule in the United States: The number of millionaires the FARC has to pay to the son of Ingrid Bettencourt

New York.- U.S. Department of Justice condemns extinction Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) To turn off $ 36 million To the son Ingrid Bettencourt, Kidnapped by guerrillas for more than six years “Emotional Suffering” Pennsylvania court announced.

In his judgment, the District Judge Matthew W. Bran Concludes that Lawrence Delloye Betancourt is entitled to $ 12 million in damages and attorneys’ fees. The total has risen to $ 36 million.

The son of the then Colombian presidential candidate filed a lawsuit against 14 top members of the FARC in U.S. court on June 28, 2018, who decided to kidnap Bettencourt and participated in it, causing him “significant mental distress”.

None of them have appeared in court for three and a half years since the trial began. At that request, Lawrence Delloy accused the FARC and many of its members of violating the US Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA). It considers the persecution of such acts perpetrated in other parts of the world by kidnapping and torturing Beatoncourt.

“Although no amount can change that time Lawrence Delloy lost his mother or recovered from the trauma he suffered at the hands of the FARC, We are proud to have helped bring justice, “said Defense Attorney Robert E. Snyder. Levy said in a statement.

FARC Ingrid Betancourt was abducted in 2002 When he was campaigning for the presidency of Colombia. At that moment, Lawrence, One of the two children he had with French diplomat Fabrice Dello 12 years.

Bettencourt was released on July 2, 2008 along with 14 other hostages during a spectacular operation by the Colombian Armed Forces, known as the “Czech Republic”.

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On November 24, 2016, the FARC and the Colombian government signed a peace agreement to end more than half a century of armed conflict.

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