June 1, 2023

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Rishi Sunak was found in a moving car without a seat belt and fined: how much should he pay?

Rishi Sunak was fined for not wearing a seat belt in a car he was driving: How much should he pay (REUTERS)

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak It was A fine was imposed for Not wearing a seat belt, established by law. The fact became relevant this Thursday after the official posted a video on his social networks in which he shared his government’s latest economic measures and his regional reserve plan and promoted investments in the country’s impoverished areas.

The row was captured during Sunak He was sitting in the back seat of a moving car when he visited the English county of Lancashire.

Shortly after the video was released, conservative Pres He admitted his mistake and apologized. His “brief error in judgment” through an official spokesman. “The Prime Minister took off his seat belt to shoot a short video. I fully accept that this was wrong and I apologise,” a Downing Street spokesman said as the archive of her Instagram profile was removed.

Rishi Sunak was fined for traveling in a car without a seat belt

Although they apologized, the Lancashire Defense Forces They announced – discreetly and without directly referring to the Prime Minister – that the footage showed “a man in a moving car who was not wearing a seat belt”. Fined “To a 42-year-old man from London”

The message posted on the department’s Twitter account did not specify the exact amount of the fine the prime minister would have to pay, though these types of violations are common. 100 pounds -about 114 euros-. However, in some cases they may rise 500 pounds -570 euros-.

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You can either pay the fine or appeal before a judge, however, from Downing Street, they have already confirmed that. “Of course you will pay the fine”.

Lancashire Police tweet
Lancashire Police tweet

For his part, the Resistance He used this controversy to criticize the Prime Minister. On the one hand, they targeted him and recently, he was isolated Irresponsible use of official vehicles.

In particular, he was criticized for using Sunak Royal Air Force aircraft -British Air Force- To travel around black holeA city in the north of the country, Instead of traveling by train.

“Chunak doesn’t know how to wear a seat belt (…) train service, economy or this country”They were scolded Labor Party While the Lib Dems pointed out A “flagrant” violation of a fundamental law Security.

Likewise, other voices against the President were also pointed against him Again at the center of a controversy. Labor Opposition MP Nick Thomas-Symonds He was among those who criticized the situation after calling it “very serious”.

Nick Thomas-Symonds points out against Sunak for his role in another controversy (REUTERS)
Nick Thomas-Symonds points out against Sunak for his role in another controversy (REUTERS)

“It says a lot about how deep this government has sunk that we’re talking about a Prime Minister being fined for the second time.”said.

In April, when Boris Johnson Still serving as prime minister and Sunak as economic minister, both men were fined along with other politicians and officials. Illegal parties arranged Downing Street when International distribution.

This fact, months later, prompted Johnson’s resignation.

Parties in Downing Street led to Boris Johnson leaving the government (Getty Images)
Parties in Downing Street led to Boris Johnson leaving the government (Getty Images)

Sunak’s fine also came at that time After nearly 100 days in office, his popularity rating has plummeted.

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Polling Agency YouGov Figures released this Friday show citizens are gradually withdrawing their support as the Prime Minister approaches three months in Downing Street.

Thus, the survey indicates Three in five Britons – around 60 per cent – now have an “unfavorable” impression of him, including 34% who view his position as “very unfavourable”.

(With information from EFE, AFP and Europa Press)

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