December 6, 2022

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Qatar 2022 World Cup: They saved for two years to travel, but what they raised wasn’t enough “even for tickets”

In the last hours, A video went viral It shows a specific situation. For two years, a young man and his family They collected coins with the intention of traveling to see World Cup Qatar 2022. Collections were made in a makeshift piggy bank, after which, they broke it open and revealed how much money they had collected. After 24 months of rising inflation, the result disappointed thousands of users who had followed the feat since its inception.

When the World Cup starts, all kinds of situations related to the tournament are known daily. Apart from the promises and other issues associated with the games, there are also some perks Can travel to Middle East country Must see in person Selection by Lionel Scaloni.

In that context, there are hundreds of different stories about how the money was raised and when it was planned. However, you rarely see something like this spread on TikTok The family broke the bank with their savings.

“The Day of Counting Has Come”, wrote the protagonist and teacher of the record at the beginning of the film. There, he showed how he and his family improvised the money from the plastic drum they used. Collect the coins destined for the trip to Qatar. 15 days after the adventure, they had to take the money to the bank, so they decided to calculate how much they had.

The first video to break the bank of a trip to Qatar

First, they tried to remove the coins through the hole in the drum. However, they decided to cut it with a knife and throw everything on a bed to save time. After the young man did, a large amount was scattered, but no one knew how much money there really was: “I saved for two years and today I will know how much I have saved”.

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After receiving countless questions and requests for the second part, the user finally recorded and shared the final video, where he showed the method his family uses to count money. It was revealed how much was saved.

The second video is where they count all the coins in the piggy bank

At the beginning of the second record, the young man explained it They started by splitting the $5 and $10 coins. The next step is to collect ten stacks to make counting easier and to better record what the final number is. With towers spread out on a table, the family went through the painstaking process of registering the coin as currency.

The final tally shows that they gathered 17,900 $10 and 14,320 $5 coins. With this clarification and recording of everything, the family received the long-awaited image. After saving up for two years and breaking the bank for a trip to Qatar, They raised $32,220.

From this, the results differed between those who supported the beneficiary and those who said they could do nothing with the money. “Not even for tickets,” they commented. Before thousands of comments came in, the young man clarified that these are not all family savings. As he wrote, They have already booked flights and accommodation And this is an extra to engage you.