June 3, 2023

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Putin launched a new threat to Ukraine and downplayed the Patriot missiles sent by the US: “Of course we will destroy it, one hundred percent”

Vladimir Putin (via Reuters)

Russian President Vladimir PutinUS President Joe Biden confirmed this Sunday that he is “100 percent” confident his forces will destroy the Patriot air defense system he has promised to send to Ukraine.

Of course we will destroy it, one hundred percent!”, Putin said, referring to the battery Patriot MissilesThe The most advanced air defense system in the Pentagon Ukraine seeks to defend itself against renewed attacks by Russia.

The missiles are included in a new aid package promised by Joe Biden, worth about $1.8 billion in military supplies.

Earlier, Putin had already dismissed the force of this defense system, promising that his military would find an “antidote” to avoid it. β€œThe system of patriotism is very old. It doesn’t work like our S-300 (air defense) system. Those who oppose us call it a defensive weapon. Well, let’s keep that in mind. There is always an antidote. So those who do it do it in vain. It will only prolong the conflict”, Putin told reporters.

US Soldiers Next to Patriot Security System (Reuters)
US Soldiers Next to Patriot Security System (Reuters)

This Sunday, excerpts from an interview aired on Russian television, Putin He accused the West of trying to “divide” RussiaAfter more than ten months of military offensive in the neighboring country.

“Everything is based on the politics of our geopolitical enemies, who are trying to divide Russia, historical Russia,” he denounced ahead of the interview. “Our goal is another: to unite the Russian people,” he added.

Putin used The concept of “Historic Russia”. Arguing that Ukrainians and Russians are the same people undermines Kiev’s sovereignty and justifies its aggression in Ukraine. “We are acting in the right direction, we are protecting our national interests, our citizens, our people,” Putin said.

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The Russian president insisted that Moscow “Willing to negotiate With all participants in this process [para encontrar] A An acceptable solution” to conflict.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Sunday that Russia would never accept price caps imposed by the West on its hydrocarbons.

“We will never agree to such disruption and destruction of market processes for pricing,” Peskov said in an interview with Russian public television.

He said the established maximum price may be “generous” but it will not affect the Russian position. “If you accept a generous cap today, tomorrow you will have to accept another one against your interests,” he explained.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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