January 27, 2023

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Puebla group calls for regional unity to stop “fascist landing” | Seventh meeting of the Forum for the Unification of Leaders of Progressivism in Latin America

Seventh meeting, with a call for the unity of Latin America to confront the threat of the far right Publa Group, “Change now!” Forum that brings together dozens of progressive leaders from Latin America and Spain Celebrated, During an assembly session once again from Mexico City, Success Siomara Castro In Honduras And hoped for success Gabriel Borick Chile and Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil next year in December. Concerns about the social and economic consequences of corona virus infection have not been ruled out.

The former president of Brazil attended a meeting of the Puebla Group in the Mexican capital. Dilma RousseffFrom Ecuador, Raphael Korea, From Paraguay, Fernando Logo Placeholder Image, And from Colombia, Ernesto Chamber, Among others. The President of Argentina also attended the distance, Alberto Fernandez, His colleague from Bolivia, Louis Ars, And former President of Brazil, Lula da Silva.

Unity to negotiate “on an equal footing”

“Latin America can do a lot together”, Said the former president of Brazil. Lula da Silva, During the seventh meeting of the Regional Forum, the third interview. Lula said work must be done to “rebuild the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean.” “Together we can negotiate on an equal footing with China and reach more favorable agreements with the United States and the European Union.”

He is the leader of the Brazilian left and the presidential candidate for 2022, pointing out that if they work together, Latin American countries can export goods with added value and not just raw materials. Lula warned in another part of her speech.UN Moreover, for this reason, “a new global administration is needed that has the moral authority to resolve conflicts and create greater equality in the world.”

The Govt-19 epidemic was one of the most talked about topics by the leaders who attended the meeting. Lula pointed out that this has worsened the situation of Latin Americans because today there are many workers, immigrants and starving people who have lost their jobs. For his part, the President of Bolivia, Louis Ars, He asked “Take joint action to take care of each other” and in support of the worldwide distribution of vaccines.

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Warning of “fascist landing”

Referring to the present day Bolivia, Ars warned of a “reorganization of the right” that seeks to create “conditions” for a repeat of the “conspiracy”. Like it was against Evo Morales in 2019. “They are starting to use arguments to justify the gains of a very clear electoral contest and are trying to break up the government. This is an issue I want to publicize,” the president said. According to what was revealed in La Paz on Monday Massive “parade for the homeland” closure.

In the same way, the former Colombian president Ernesto Chamber warned of a “fascist landing” in the regionMany former presidents, such as Rafael Correa of ​​Ecuador and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain, have also condemned the issue. “This fascist landing does not frighten us. We have something to face with it,” Chamber concluded. In that sense, Korea I think that “The right to win what does not win the referendum justifies politics”.

In the face of neoliberalism, the Puebla Committee must work to develop Latin American thought., Said the former Ecuadorian president. “Today they want to convince us that ideologies are more, ideological debate should be more current. Our ideology, the progressive ideology, must be man’s dominance over capital, In a world completely dominated by the capitalist empire “, he pointed out.

Back then, the former president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff Considered to be in Latin America Democracies “attacked” Honduran overthrows Manuel Zelaya in 2009, he was fired in 2016, Evo Morales left Bolivia in 2019, and now they have given Peruvian President Pedro Castillo an example of such an “attack” with a political investigation. Him.

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Congratulations to Siomara Castro and Gabriel Boric

Beyond the region’s “right-wing” fear, there was time To celebrate Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party presidential candidate Xiomara Castro winsThe 12-year rule of the National Party will come to an end. Former President of Paraguay, Fernando Logo Placeholder Image, Promised Castro’s victory in election “transparent and made the whole continent happy”. “That thin wind will turn into a hurricane that no one can stop,” he said.

In this regard, the former President of the State of Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Under control: “Xiomara Castro will be the first president in the history of Honduras. This is very important news, Many social problems have always been very important in this Central America. Zapatero “showed all support” for the left-wing Chilean candidate. Gabriel Borick, In the second round of the December presidential election against the far right Jose Antonio Cast, So Chile “does not return to the past that hurts and moves us.”

Lula’s victory in Brazil will change the continent and the international order And I hope there will be a closer alliance between Mexico and Brazil with two progressive presidents, ”the former Spanish president said of Brazil’s victory in next year’s election.

The Puebla Group consists of 54 progressive leaders from 16 countries. The seventh meeting of the regional forum will be held in Mexico City this Tuesday and will continue with the activities scheduled for Wednesday. The discussion of new homogeneity models of its central axes development and the definition of a progressive agenda for the continent after the profound political, economic and social consequences created by the epidemic, according to the organizers.

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