June 7, 2023

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Provocations, protests and Rondon’s exit: it was a tumultuous final for the Copa Libertadores at River Plate-Sporting Crystal.

The tie between River Plate and Sporting Crystal 1-1 Fourth of Group D in Lima The Copa Libertadores de América was dramatic and heated. It was played on a strong leg with the final overshadowed by a direct battle between these two teams to qualify for the round of 16. After the meeting, some incidents took place Expulsion of Salomon Rondon And he had other bad news to think about before the match Fluorescence.

In a tense environment including Incidents in the stands between Millonario fans and the policeAt the end of the meeting, excitement was high among the protagonists. Discussions, protests, and insults erupted in the public gathering.

Everything was born from a few gestures from the Brazilian, the coach of the local team, with his fingers Diego Retzloff Nunes. This alerted him Paulo Diaz He scolded him “What are you doing with those gestures?” The Chilean defender later confirmed it in reports ESPN: “Their coach was super, he stopped the game and started making little gestures. They expel one of us and they have nothing.

Instead of walking away to ease the tension, Brazilian Didi stayed on the field, angering Argentina’s coaching staff and players. Javier PinolaField Assistant Martin DemichelisHe tried to divide the football players, the same Javier LuxAlthough it was a serious cross Diego NunesIt was later surrounded by police officers. All in a heated environment amidst the screams of the public.

But the one taken out is gone Solomon Rondon, the substitute did not enter. Had to control the striker Paulo Diaz Y Esequiel Boat. However, the referee has seen Venezuela’s actions It was Christian Gare who got him out.

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Bad news for Demichelis on June 7 against Fluminense, trying to qualify for the round of 16 in the first of two finals. Besides It wouldn’t be, but Enzo Perez, who was reprimanded on Inca night and racked up three yellow cards..

River plate started losing with the goal of Yoshimar Yotún After A grave mistake by Franco Armani. Nunez’s team then recovered and equalized with a goal Rodrigo Allendro.

He Millionaire He’s still last in his zone, but still Getting a pass to round 16 is up to him. Must win both home games. After receiving Fluminance, the last date will be June 27 against The Strongest.

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