February 4, 2023

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Protests escalate and Ars calls on police to “defend democracy”: What is happening in Bolivia?

Wednesday saw the third consecutive day of anti-government protests, centered on Potosi and Santa Cruz. At least one death has been recorded, which has not yet been investigated.

Bolivia has been plagued by days of protests and siege since Monday, in which several acts of violence and at least one death have been recorded, while the Louis Ars government is asking police to “defend democracy” against actions branded as “treason.” Opponents They call for a fourth day mobilization For this Thursday.

Demonstrations were unleashed within the framework of an encouraged national strike Opposition fields Known as the ‘Mother Law’, to the National Strategic Act to combat the legalization of illegal profits and funding for terrorism. It is a system that fights money laundering and can be modified by decrees by the government of the day.

Now, workers in various sectors follow suit by explaining that the move will affect their own income, as it is an economy with high informal rates and very few can explain the origin of money. The executive makes it clear that the law is intended only to harass high-income earners who engage in controversial maneuvers. “You must be mad to think that our government is going to hurt the poor.”Ars replied.

Beyond this particular law, approved in August, The struggle took on a strong anti-government tone, Promoted by the National Committee for the Defense of Democracy (CONADE) and various civic committees, led by the Pro Santa Cruz Committee – headed by Fernando Camacho – that sparked the coup. In 2019.

For this reason, some Bolivian analysts compare the situation to what it was two years ago, but confirm that Ars has more democratic legitimacy than Evo Morales, who is in office for the fourth time in a row in the wake of the social and political crisis.

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Mobilization, conflicts and misinformation

The struggles are centered on that Santa Cruz de la Sierra And Potosi, Which had massive mobilizations. There, next Tarija And Kochabamba, Major disturbances were recorded. The most serious incidents took place on Mondays and Tuesdays, with clashes between protesters, militants of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) – those who wanted to break the siege – and police. Demonstrations also took place in Peace, Someone And I.

The context of the clashes between the protesters and the ruling party was also characterized by misinformation Fake news Around different chapters of violence. To cite one example, an ‘influential’ person with 135,000 followers posted pictures on Twitter saying that “paramilitary groups” affiliated with the government were “going in droves to search for protesters.” In the video explosions are heard, there are bullfights, and you can see an angry mob hitting an object on the ground.

However, a MAS councilor also used his network To hold In fact it will be the victim of that video Basilio Ditti Depolo, A young villager killed in Potosi during the incidents, and not a civil anti-government, wanted to establish a ‘fake newcomer’.

In fact, in his coffin, friends and family put up a board: “Martyr of Democracy”. And his sister said in an interview that the body was there “Too much damage”.

Are you dying for “cocoa leaves”?

Former President Morales has already called for an “emergency inquiry” and said the cause of death was unknown Shock groups affiliated with Comcipo“, Potosí Civil Committee. In response, the citizen denies any kind of liability.

Among the cross-editions, the forensic autopsy — attended by the Ombudsman’s Office— Indian Diplo “died Mechanical suffocation For broncho desire with a foreign body, “presumably” from cocoa leaves. “The ombudsman’s office also indicated that there were no signs of physical violence.”

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Similarly, Justice Minister Evan Lima said there were injuries from falling on the body. The hypothesis was questioned Spread by the protest: “Although there are no fractures and no other major injuries at the body level, it is clear that a citizen consuming cocoa cannot provide a cause of death”.

That is, beyond the condition of the corpse, the judge must inquire into the circumstances surrounding the death. According to the evidence collected, this event may have occurred while he was a farmer “Escape from other groups”People’s Defender Nadia Cruz added.

Except for death, your company has stated that there are minimal 63 people were injured For Tuesday’s riot, the public, including farmers, three policemen and a journalist. In turn 2 people were arrested for possession of a bomb.

On the other hand, on Wednesday the ombudsman told him to finish it Racism And Condemned Threats against members of his delegation. He also emphasized Protestants Avoid roadblocks, Guarantee basic human rights such as hospital care.

“Using Unconscious Power”

Amidst the general tension, the administrator Removed five department commanders Three more kernels, from Tarija, Potosi, Oro, Sukisaka and Santa Cruz. Presidential spokesman George Richter said the changes were “due to the use of excessive force over established orders.” And in the next few hours new changes are likely to occur among those wearing uniforms.

Ars says protesters are using the pretext of the law, but ” Impunity What happened with the coup in 2019, “he said.

Through this framework, the president, who brought the MAS back to power after democratic interference in the multinational country, has his First year of administration The civic body’s efforts to weaken the great social tension and its administration, the environment that promotes street riots.

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