June 7, 2023

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Promises made by Gabriel Borick in his first speech as President-elect of Chile

Chile’s youngest president in two centuries Gabriel Borick, This Sunday The Second round election Against Jose Antonio Cast With almost 56% of the vote, it became more The candidate with the most votes in Chilean history. In his speech in the open, he said, “Just barriers from the government seat, Borik promised to build bridges with the caste he met a few minutes ago, and highlighted the key points of his government by serving human rights and the “people” as its pillars.

Enlightenment dictatorship that believes that a government can do for the people without the people is enough: the people are entering La Moneta with us! Hope overcomes fear”, The President promised.

Chile’s elected president, Gabriel Borick of the “I Approve Dignity” coalition, celebrates his victory in the second round of the presidential election on Sunday, December 19, 2021 in Santiago, Chile.Luis Hidalgo – AB

The axes of his government, as he promised in his first speech, It includes health and public education, the public pension system, greater security, respect for human rights and tribal people, women and the LGBTQ + community and climate change.

There are many challenges we face“Borick began to elaborate on his future plans.” Health Non-discrimination between rich and poor, equalizing access, quality and response times upwards (…) Lack of play Housing and access For the basic services we need to look out for. Strengthen General education, Guaranteed Labor rights Create a system to build a country with decent work and better pay National Security It recognizes and values ​​the women they care for today, advances in co-responsibility and leaves the patriarchal tradition of our society.

Speech by Gabriel Borick, President-elect of Chile, after the victory against Cost
Speech by Gabriel Borick, President-elect of Chile, after the victory against CostMatias Delacroix – AP

On “Security Emergency” Through Chile, Boric promised to make the environment “safe and drug-free” one of his main tasks. “Recognize the right to see the world from other linguistic and cultural perspectives and move towards a new relationship with the tribal people.”

Environment is another pillar of left-wing government: “Dear comrades, climate change is not an invention. It is here that it has direct effects on our lives and the lives of future generations.

In his speech, he reinforced the commitment he expressed during his election campaign “Expand social rights” without harming the country’s economy.

“We will expand Social rights We will do it financially, take care of our macro economy and do it. We will do our best to make it possible to improve pensions and health without going back in the future, ”he explained.

On the other hand, he mentioned it “Respect for human rights is an unshakable commitment always and everywhere”, He also promised not to tire of “seeking truth, justice and redress”, as well as to balance “access to medical treatment”.

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