June 1, 2023

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Pope Francis criticizes those who do not have children: “Dogs and cats occupy the place”

The Pope Francisco He called to have children this Wednesday or to adopt them and questioned those who wanted to Pets Before children.

Dogs and cats take the place of children. This denial of the Father robs humanity, and civilization ages, ”he asserted. Jorge Bergoglio Speaking at the first public meeting of the year at the Vatican.

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Pope Francis spoke of reproduction and adoption

The pope said in his speech:Today we see a form of selfishness. We find that some people do not want to have children. Sometimes they have one, that’s all, but on the other hand, dogs and cats occupy the space, ”Pope Paul VI told visitors in Room VI.

“Having a child is always dangerous, whether it is natural or adopted. But its absence is very dangerous. Denial of paternity, denial of motherhood, whether it is real or spiritual, is very dangerous,” she noted.

Pope Francis (Photo: Reuters / Yarra Nordy).

The pope again criticized the so-called “population winter” and the “dramatic fall in the birth rate” recorded in many Western countries, and therefore insisted on having children or adopting them.

In that sense, adoption is “one of the highest forms of love,” he said, urging authorities to simplify their procedures.

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“Companies should always be ready to help, look seriously, but make the necessary procedures easier so that the dream of many spouses who want to donate in the dream and love of so many little ones who need a family can come true.” Francisco said.

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In addition, he said, “This kind of choice is one of the highest forms of love and parenting. How many children in the world are waiting to take care of themselves! How many spouses want to be father and mother? ”He pointed out.

Jorge Bergoglio and motherhood
Jorge Bergoglio and motherhood

“We should not be afraid to choose the path of adoption and consider the ‘risk’ of foster care,” he stressed.

According to Pope Francis, today’s society is “a little orphaned”

The Pope of Argentina questioned people who decided not to have children, quoting someone who asked at the time: “Who would pay my pension tax if I did not have children? Who will take care of me? I urge St. Joseph to move his conscience to have children “the wholeness of a person’s life.”

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According to Perkoglio, today’s civilization is “an orphan”, a sense of “it hurts us so much”.