November 28, 2021

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Polsanaro, President eroded Page 12

The report, read out by opposition Senator Renan Calheros last Wednesday, closed the work of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CBI), which is dedicated to examining the country’s most dangerous health crisis, the Covid-19 epidemic. , Which caused at least 606,000 deaths.

The text will be put to a vote next Tuesday, and it will be approved as opposition to the government occupies seven of the ICC’s eleven seats. Then, it will be sent to various events of justice.

Double level will start later. On the one hand, the ICC Attorney General’s Office will try to order the trial to open and issue a Supreme Court ruling. On the other hand, far-right President Jair Bolsanaro and others condemned the move, which includes businessmen, doctors, officials and activists on digital channels who will try to undo the process.

However, the first impact is already clear and resonates strongly from the moment Senator Calheros finishes reading the summary of his statement.

Over 28 minutes, complaints were heard about nine crimes committed by Jair Bolzano. This is the first time in Brazilian history that the president has targeted calls for criminal complaints, including the murder of the National Congress.

Violation of preventive health measures by allegations of “responsibility for infection leading to death”; Irregular use of the general budget; Incitement to crime; Forgery of private documents; வஞ்சகம்; Misuse of public resources; Crime against humanity; Responsibility offense “.

Except the President and his three children – Flavio, National Senator; Eduardo, deputy state; And Carlos, Councilor – four ministers (including Defense, retired General Walter Prague Neto), two former ministers (including Acting General Eduardo Pasuello, former health minister), as well as businessmen, members of parliament, and former officials from various ministries, for a total of 66 people.

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Over a period of five months, the ICC sessions were broadcast live on Senate television, which did not reach such an audience. The impact of reading the final report was immediate.

Bolsanaro suffers from strong erosion of his image, his popular acceptance shatters in a clear way, but he continues to be accepted by 20 to 25 percent of those interviewed in opinion polls. In addition, the “hard core” of its radical supporters is thought to be untouched by about 12 percent of voters.

Faced with these data, the most negative of a president who has been in office for three years since the resumption of democracy in 1985, after 21 years of dictatorship, is that his close group is trying to show that the rejection of his government is clear. Now the economic crisis is worsening and every day images of misery are spreading across the country at a terrifying pace.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Under Brazilian law, both the president and current ministers enjoy a “privileged forum”, that is, the margin of immunity, and can legally denounce (and after opening their own hearings) the Attorney General’s office. Republican, which decides whether or not to send the case to the Supreme Federal Court.

The other way is for the Attorney General’s Office to decide to file the case directly, without initiating any investigation.

Shares in the political media and among Brazilian analysts suggest that this is the will of the current Attorney General of the Republic, Augusto Aras, who was appointed by Bolzano and announced as a candidate for a position on the Supreme Court.

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With the exception of the Senate, which continues to provide some opposition to the far-right government, Bolzano actually bought support in the House of Representatives (he opened a nearly $ 3 billion “secret budget” that parliamentarians could send to their elections. Corners without accounting to anyone). He appointed as Attorney General not someone who had lost the opportunity to show signs of deep loyalty to the person who had elevated him to the position he held, not what the Constitution and the laws say.

However, despite the fact that he could legally escape with the business community, political parties and public opinion, Bolzano’s clothes were tough. As it turned out, it spread to the mainstream foreign media.

Although he has survived a barrage of complaints, Bolzano will certainly appear to be more eroded than he already was. With that, everything indicates that he will step further away from the long-held dream of a re-election in 2022.