January 26, 2022

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Polsanaro, hospitalized again for intestinal | Another continuation of the stabbing he received when he was the presidential candidate in Brazil

From Brasilia

Brazil started the year with a La Bolzano, which left the country with a high impact story (or maybe not much) leaving the heart of its mouth. The president was urgently transferred this Monday morning from the province of Santa Catarina, where he was on holiday, to San Pablo, who was admitted with severe abdominal pain due to a stabbing during the 2018 campaign. Election, Minister of Health, Dr. Marcelo Queiroga promised.

The last medical report released by Nova Star Hospital in Sao Paulo at 8pm stated that the president, who suffered from intestinal obstruction, was not in pain and was able to leave showing “improvement” throughout the day. Bed to take a few steps. Journalists and some supporters of the governor turned their attention to the fifteenth floor of the medical center where the 66-year-old patient was staying, fed him with a tube and prescribed medication, waiting for the arrival of surgeon Anonio Luis Macedo. Physician from Headland, Bahamas. This specialist will examine the patient and, after personally examining the patient, report further details about their condition.

Macedo has been attending Bolsanaro since September 2018, when he was attacked with a knife in Juiz de Fora in the interior of the state of Minas Gerais, a key event in the development of the campaign, which ended with the victory of the former distance. Luis Inacio is a right-wing military officer against Labor’s Fernando Hadat from the left as a partner of Lula da Silva. According to estimates, Dr. Macedo was scheduled to arrive in Sவோo Paulo from the Bahamas at 2 a.m. Tuesday, where a plane was dispatched.

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“The president still can’t say whether he wants to have surgery, I’m a surgeon, I’m just going to decide, I have to do a medical examination,” Macedo told the Valor Economico newspaper this afternoon. , The media that reports and reveals the position of investors and bankers.

The Sவோo Paulo Stock Exchange, down 0.86 percent at 103,921 points at the end of the day, did not seem to be most alarmed by the news of the governor’s health.

Bolsanaro’s medical picture, which aims to get 22 percent of the vote, is important to financial institutions and the political world, nine months before he will run for a second term against former PT president Lula, who has 48 percent electoral support.

While more accurate and detailed medical information is expected, the photo of the President lying on a stretcher is similar to the photo released when he was taken from a military hospital in Brasilia to Nova Star Chan in July last year. Pablo, also picture hiccups and intestinal obstruction. The first lady, Michelle, an ardent evangelist with growing political influence, said on social media that “God is good and controls everything.”


The news came with some teasing from the opposition. Labor deputy Rogerio Correa said, “Today, the first working day of the year, Bolsonaro presented a medical certificate for the holidays.

The same hashtag was most recreated on Twitter last week when criticism rained down on the former president for failing to visit the more than 90,000 people displaced by the floods in the northeastern state of Bahia and wanted to continue his long end to the annual holiday at southern Santa Catarina beaches. Prior to that, he spent the rest of the day begging for Christmas on the beaches of San Pablo, where he walked without a synstrap and ignored the vaccine against the corona virus.

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Andre Triguerato, vice president of the Bardido Democratico Troublehista, congratulated the president on his hasty transfer from Santa Caterina to Sவோo Paulo for his speedy recovery, not forgetting that “his hatred for work is interesting.”

After being admitted to a private hospital in Sவோo Paulo this Monday morning, the patient underwent a routine coronavirus test negative after being with a partner last week and was soon diagnosed with the disease that caused the illness. 619 thousand Brazilians and more than 22.2 million are affected.

Paulsonaro Covit was not vaccinated against 19, in which case he traveled to the United Nations in New York last year and to the 20-member summit in Rome in September and October. Due to his lack of immunity, he was banned from entering a restaurant in New York and some people in Rome avoided shaking hands.

Following the stabbing, the information provided by Bolzano about Covid was never completely transparent, as evidenced by the fact that he ordered that his vaccination certificate be kept secret for a hundred years (yes, a hundred).