June 2, 2023

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Police in riot gear stormed a rally in the Netherlands on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.


20 November 2021 02:27 GMT

Authorities opened fire “because the situation was life-threatening,” police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels explained.

Seven people were injured and at least 20 arrested as a result of violent protests in the center of Rotterdam (Netherlands), local officials said. According to Telegraph.

The protest was called in response to a series of new restrictions related to the corona virus infection, including the banning of fireworks on New Year’s Day and the implementation of a government – sponsored 2G policy to prevent vaccinations or cure. Govt-19 goes to various public places.

The protest, which was not reported to local authorities, turned violent around 8:00 pm (local time). Protesters used fireworks to set fire to four police cars, several motorcycles and urban real estate.

About 400 policemen from across the country rallied in the streets of the port city to control the unrest. During fierce clashes, they used water cannons and sometimes their own guns.

“We threw warning bombs and there were live shots because the situation was life threatening.” Appointment Reuters to police spokeswoman Patricia Wessels.

Meanwhile, images that allow us to appreciate the scale of the conflict have been shared online.

After midnight on Friday the 19th, the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboudaleb, Advertising Police in the city center have “regained power” but are still “on high alert”. He described what happened as a “revelry of violence.”

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