June 7, 2023

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Plea to fans, ‘injustice’ he commits when fielding starting squad and future rival: Mascherano’s phrases after New Zealand defeat

The Albiceleste coach left his record after the win against New Zealand

The Argentina national team He gave a football exhibition at San Juan del Bicentennial Stadium 5-0 vs. with a lapidary New Zealand And the group level is closed Sub 20 world with the best score in Group A And guaranteed qualification to round 16. It was passed and approved a day earlier Javier Mascherano Make eight changes, but the sudden change of names hasn’t stopped the adaptation of a new team from dazzling on the pitch.

After the meeting, Small boss He was very satisfied with the last performance before the live elimination matches: “It turned out to be a very good match. In general, the team was very aggressive in recovering the ball, and above all, we were aggressive on the ball. It was moving so fast that we didn’t give him time to reach them. It made us a good game. Also, he highlighted the tasks Ignatius MiramonShould have been a central midfielder, but turned to the right when he recovered the ball New Zealand to not exist Augustine Gaye in creation.

In addition, he thought about how he worked before the change All white people: “I am happy that the boys who deserved more minutes and unfortunately didn’t get it, were able to show themselves in a way that made their quality visible. Everyone is very important in this type of championship and everyone’s performance boosts the level of the team. Now, relax, see what the next step is and prepare for it.

Veliz’s goal in Argentina’s 5-0 win over New Zealand
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He has secured his place in the top 16. Mesh A number of alternatives are discussed at a higher level XI This Wednesday in San Juan: “Ultimately, that’s what you want as a coach: It can be known that it trusts everyone. At the time of selection, I will do some injustice to someone. But it is always with the intention of being a group beneficiary”.

Then he said:They are all worth playing. They have shown it. Then, we need to look at what the requirements are based on the competitor we are touching. We hope to make as few mistakes as possible, but this is what we saw today. The guys who come in and come off the bench are in a position to do that very well. This is a guarantee for a trainer.

The former captain is waiting to know who his next opponent will be Albiceleste Averted prediction: “It is no longer in our hands. We did what we had to do. We won the group. Now, we will see that it touches us, but it is useless to be wary of something that we cannot control. It is important to rest your head and relax. For several days, the boys have flocked to the hotel. Now that we have a long time, we can relax, start on Sunday, know who the opponent is and prepare for the game.

One of the last questions concerns the public’s anger with a team complacent from its performance after a frightening first win. UzbekistanBut still Javier Mascherano The final scheduled for June 11 was scrapped Diego Armando Maradona is a unique stadium: “Go easy on yourself. Overall, it was a great game, great courage especially when we didn’t have the ball, how the team pressed and the pressure after defeats was very good.

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In the end, he was delighted by the affection of the people in each fight to arrive at the decisive stages of the match with great enthusiasm: “I am grateful for all the love we receive. As you’ve already seen in all three games, it’s a terrible energy boost for guys. Please continue with that music. We are living a good moment and I always tell the boys to enjoy it because in football you never know.

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