August 15, 2022

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Pinochet’s children: Sweden to investigate irregular adoptions of poor children by dictatorship | “Forced Adoptions from the Use of Military Civil Power”

Government of Sweden investigates more than 2,000 illegal adoptions of Chilean children during Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship in Chile, Following investigations published in the Swedish newspaper Today’s news. Between 1971 and 1992 about 2,100 Chilean children were adopted by the Swedes Within the framework of the campaign of the Pinochet dictatorship to improve relations with the Nordic country. Of these total adoptions, the Pinochet corresponds to the open path of the 1,700 Swedish adoption center and the complicity of Swedish far-right groups.

“Improve Your Image Abroad”

Swedish breakfast Today’s news Chilean researcher Karen Alfaro has published a report on the adoption of Chilean children in the context of a military dictatorship. Research concludes that there were two moments when Swedish families adopted Chilean children. First He joined between 1973 and 1977 “Mainly for humanitarian assistance as a result of the difficult situation of Chilean children.” “It contributed to the promotion of the so-called anti-Chilean campaign in Sweden and alerted the military to the political intent of the treatment of children abroad.”, Explains in the document. At Second Moment (1978-1988) What Alfaro points out “Adoptions began to be accepted by the regime And its formalization and promotion were transformed into diplomatic and political tactics To smooth things over with Sweden and improve its image abroad. “.

Going back to the second moment described by the analyst, the Pinochet military regime devised a plan to improve the country’s image in Sweden. This This was made possible by the merger with the far right, Swedish entrepreneurs and Swedish foundations created by the conservative sector.. “This accent originated Sweden-Chile partnership, Co-operated with the military regime by providing information on the political campaign and the actions of Chilean deportees ”, describes the investigation of Karen Alfaro, a physician and PhD student in history at the Australian University of Chile. At the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Jose Luis Morales.

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Sweden-Chile partnership

Sweden-Chile Association, Led by the far-right Ulf Hamacher, Promised The adoption center of the Swedish Society for the International Welfare of Chilean Children can provide positive information Family nuclei demand adoption under Chilean rule.

In this sense, the Pinochet military regime institutionalized “compulsory adoption practices of poor children.” “Dictatorship has developed a national program for minors that promotes adoption, abbreviated management time and centralized demands at the National Children’s Home, which also includes representatives from the Swedish Adoption Center.”, The researchers reported in detail Chilean boys and girls adopted by Swedish families. Diplomatic intimacy during the Cold War (1973-1990).

That study concludes In many cases it was a question of compulsory adoption of poor children “Created from Utilization of civilian-military power, which regulated childcare and disqualified single mothers and families from caring for their children”.

Irregular adoptions

Considering what has been revealed in various countries about the potential irregularities in adoptions, The Swedish government announces setting up of a commission to investigate more than 60,000 international adoptions since 1950 From such countries Chile, Colombia, South Korea, China and Sri Lanka.

Swedish Minister for Social Affairs Lena Hallengren noted that the investigation was led by a professor of civil law. Will present its findings in 2023, With special focus on China and Chile. “Analyst Investigate whether abuses have taken place in most adoption countries, As well as in countries with strong suspicions of malpractice, ”Hollengran told the media.

A Chilean judge has launched a judicial inquiry in 2018 to examine the illegal adoptions of thousands of foreigners, including Swedish citizens. During the dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). “We wanted to wait and see what happens in Chile, so do not carry out parallel investigations,” Hollenkren said, adding that the process in this South American country took longer than expected.

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In the case More than 4,000 children were adopted in China and Sweden. According to a Swedish newspaper Today’s news, These are mostly children abandoned by their parents, Beiing officials said. However, in recent decades adoption scandals have surfaced in China, such as the abduction of children born in violation of population control policies and the subsequent abduction by authorities around the world for adoption.