June 7, 2023

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Photoshop adds artificial intelligence functionality to edit images

The editing program includes several AI tools. (Freepik)

PhotoshopOne of the most widely used image editing programs in the world, includes an image editing tool Artificial intelligence Thanks to technology adobe firefly, It allows you to create and edit content.

This new patch is called Generative Fill and has elements similar to other generative AI programs Give it to her oh midway, In this, the site generates content based on the text description made by the user. You will have more options in this case.

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Being a focused tool for creating, designing and editing images, AdobeThe company that owns the project decided to provide additional tools to create photos.

cheater Formative complement Elements can be removed or added to an existing design, and the image can be enlarged and cropped. This function is to create a ‘generative layer’ so that users can continue to act as another element of the version.

This tool integrates with other selection options in Photoshop, making it intuitive so everyone can use it without disrupting their workflow.

Currently, Generating AI is in the testing phase and is only available for desktop use.

The editing program includes several AI tools.
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Adobe came up with more options Photoshop, spurred the development of artificial intelligence. One of them is the new preset mode, which allows you to view and use an image in a more intuitive way, without having to adjust tones or other options.

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32 presets can be applied, undone and edited, so work will be more fluid thanks to this technical support.

Another new feature removeThis is a brush that hovers over an object and instantly removes it, which works especially well for large elements in an image.

A new contextual taskbar has been added, which appears when editing an image and shows shortcuts to the next work steps the user can perform, so its functionality is based on machine learning.

An example of this innovation is when a user selects an object, the taskbar displays options such as Mask, Create New Layer, or Deselect. One that changes according to the action taken.

Finally, Photoshop Added a tool to simplify gradients and integrate with canvas controls, making it more customizable.

All these functions will be gradually added to the app through updates, so regular users will be notified of the news.

The editing program includes several AI tools.
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AI logo is a platform Free access, you need to pay to download the created image.

When entering the page, a company name and a tagline will be requested, which is optional. After that, a panel will appear to choose the company type, then the color palette. Finally, you need to select the font, and that’s where the creation process begins.

After a few seconds, the AI ​​will present a list of different types of options. Selecting one of them will open a new window where you can edit or buy directly.

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If you want to edit the image, the options increase, but it’s up to each person’s creativity to see how they modify the design by changing color, font, orientation, and more.