May 30, 2023

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Peru: With the cabinet reshuffle, Pedro Castillo resumes his government The president described the move as “the beginning of a new phase”.

From Lima

President Pedro Castillo Qualified To his new cabinet “The beginning of a new phase” in his government. This was just two months after taking office. This “new stage” he mentioned Priority will be given to “dialogue, governance and collaboration”, For which he elected a moderate left-wing former Congresswoman as head of the Union Cabinet. Mirta Vasquez, He was Speaker of Parliament and has shown the ability to consult. Dialogante, a lawyer and feminist associated with the protection of human rights, has a very different profile from the outgoing head of the cabinet. Guido BellidoEven with members of the government, its administration has been marked by conflict and has been widely criticized for past sexual and homosexual statements.

With this cabinet reshuffle, Castillo is seeking to reduce the bitter confrontation with the opposition, which has demanded that Pestido leave. The far-right, formed by Fujimori and two other groups, adds 43 seats out of a total of 130 In the Parliament of the Single Committee, a coalition against the state was able to combine the most moderate rights and other sectors of the Center., They united by questioning Bellido, which gave them 88 votes. One more out of 87 is needed to remove the head of state by appealing The vague image of “moral impotence”, The door is open for the removal of the President in the appeal process for any reason. Members of the far-right conspiracy were already talking about removing Castillo from office.

The first effect of the cabinet reshuffle is to break the alliance that has built an extreme right-wing conspiracy to seek the fall of the government, at least in the immediate future. While this far-right conspiracy does not set aside efforts and has already begun to criticize the new cabinet, the change has been well received by other opposition groups, with the government now seeking to build bridges. This gives Castillo a rest. Government as a minority The Congress, which seeks to form an alliance to overthrow right-wing extremism, must build bridges with the moderate sections of that opposition.. The cabinet reshuffle simplifies this task, which the head of the previous cabinet never wanted to do, on the contrary, he did everything he could to demolish those potential bridges.

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But this “new phase” announced by the president was not well received by the coach by the ruling party leadership. Free Peru (PL), defines himself as a Marxist-Leninist. Bellido was backed by the PL leadership led by his general secretary. Vladimir Seron, it will be called so “Serious sector” Of the ruling party. The department, which insists on more power in government, has failed miserably due to a cabinet reshuffle. Outraged Seron’s first reaction was to threaten the government to remove the PL bench’s support, but not all of its 37 members sided with Seron.

“This is a better cabinet than the previous one. This change strengthens Castillo’s government, It is homogeneous, consistent and highly efficient. In the previous cabinet, Belido was Seron’s spokesman, he wanted to lead the government and interfered a lot in Castillo’s activities, and there seemed to be two presidents. Such a government cannot function. Now Castillo It will no longer have that interference and there will be more unity within the government, ”he said Page 12 Sociologist Cincinnati Lopez, University professor and newspaper columnist Republic.

The new cabinet must ask Congress for a vote of confidence, which requires the support of at least one opposition party. There will be the first statements by spokesmen for the most moderate opposition aimed at giving confidence to the moderate Vasquez-led cabinet. But now the vote of a section of the PL ruling party is uncertain, and if it complies with the threats made by Seron, it will be able to vote against the cabinet of the government, in the hope of fighting for more power in the government. Seron and his team will play the game on the far right who wants to blow up Castillo’s president.

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“Seron and Belido must manage their anger and frustration. If they insist on a stand against the new cabinet, they will isolate themselves. Their position will be a minority on the government bench. Castillo may have problems with Congress in Peru, but not as Seron imagines.. The far right will never be satisfied“It will always be looking for something to attack the government, but with this new cabinet the government will be able to have better relations with the center and the center right and the business community,” Lopez says.