February 4, 2023

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Origin of the infection: A North American scientist has identified the first person infected with the corona virus

it will be called so “Case zero” Govit-19 It is yet to be revealed, after the first failed mission, A team of scientists will once again set foot on Chinese soil to find out its origin SARS – Cove-2. However, an American scientist warned that the first victim may have been found after analyzing various sources such as newspapers and accessible hospital data. It will be a seafood vendor Mercado de Animalis de Juanan (Wuhan).

Michael Woropy Is provided as Evolutionary biologist Specializes in the origin, origin and control of pathogens. In addition, he is a recognized expert in this field University of Arizona. As noted in the document, after a thorough analysis of the available information, he found Contradictions In one’s own timeline World Health Organization (WHO) Will be installed.

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What the investigation says is that the first victim of the infection would have been identified

The importance of identifying the victim first lies in knowing How the virus spread to humans. Currently, the WHO proposes four possible scenarios: zoonotic transmission with the animal as an intermediary; A tab between species without an intermediary, or an infected animal infusion Called a laboratory leak.

Before each hypothesis, the view is modified. However, in a document published in the prestigious scientific journal Science, Worobey focuses specifically on the seafood vendor at the Huanan Market in Wuhan. However, he clarifies that “it is not clear whether the apparent priority of hospital-admitted COVID-19 cases associated with this market actually reflects the initial outbreak.”

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The key theories that the WHO has been dealing with since its investigation in Wuhan (China) indicate that the virus can be transmitted from wild animals to humans, either through ingestion, either directly or indirectly, or through laboratory leaks. (Photo: EFE) .-
Source: EFE Services

On December 30, 2019, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission (WHC) issued two emergency notices to local hospitals, many of whom alerted pneumonia patients working in the Huanan market and developed a treatment plan. After a search of more than a dozen cases, 66% of patients were found to be in contact with the company. In other words, not everyone is infected in the same place.

“In this city of 11 million people, half of the first cases are related to the size of a football field,” he said. “If Juanan was the market source, why was only one or two-thirds of the first cases attached to it? A better question is why is it expected that all cases detected a few weeks after the eruption will be confined to a single market?”, He reflected.

Origin of infection: An investigation with many suspicions

In an already co-reviewed document, the patient mentions zero as a vendor from the Wuhan market. Since there are studies warning that the first infection may have occurred in mid-November 2019, before the first infected animal supplier is infected, it may have infected someone else.

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First known cases do not have to be first victim Or they are connected to the Huanan market: they are probably backward, ”the scientist pointed out. “Only 7% of SARS-CoV-2 infections are hospitalized; Most fly under the radar, “he said.

He dared too “Often this index case is approximately one in 93%, which never requires hospitalization In fact, it could be anyone out of hundreds of workers who have had brief contact with infected living mammals. “Although it is never possible to recover animal-related viruses unless they are taken in an emergency, conclusive evidence for the emergence of the Huanan market can be obtained from infected wildlife,” the scientist concluded.

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