February 4, 2023

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Nuclear deal with Iran: Joe Biden orders US to be prepared if “diplomacy fails and other options must be sought”

US government steps up sanctions against Iran amid stalemate over nuclear talks (Photo: REUTERS / Jonathan Ernst)

US President Joe Biden has asked his team to be ready Failure of diplomatic efforts in Iran’s nuclear programHis spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said Thursday.

“As Iran’s nuclear program continues to make progress, The president asked his committee to be ready in case diplomacy fails. This requires preparationHe referred to “additional sanctions” against Tehran.

On Thursday, US and Israeli defense leaders discussed possible military exercises that could prepare for the worst case scenario: destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities if diplomacy fails, if their country’s leaders demand it, he told the agency. Reuters A senior U.S. official.

“I am deeply concerned about the actions of the Iranian government in the nuclear sector in recent months, its permanent provocations and its lack of diplomatic commitment.” US Secretary of Defense reveals, Lloyd Austin, Welcomes his Israeli counterpart to the Pentagon Penny Kants.

Biden noted the recent joint exercises between the United States, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in the Red Sea: “We will continue to enhance this regional defense structure through joint military cooperation, training and training.”

US and Israeli defense leaders discuss possible military exercises on Thursday, which could lead to worse situations (REUTERS / Ken Cedeno)
US and Israeli defense leaders discuss possible military exercises on Thursday, which could lead to worse situations (REUTERS / Ken Cedeno)

“I have full confidence in the commitment of the US administration to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons,” Kantz said.

On the other hand, the US government is taking steps to strengthen the use of sanctions against Iran due to the stagnation of nuclear talks. The U.S. State Department said Thursday that a high-level delegation will be sent to the United Arab Emirates next week.

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The delegation will include Andrea Khaki, head of the U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control. Warning to UAE companies for non-compliance with sanctions.

A spokesman for the US State Department said There is evidence of non-compliance in the country, Warns that companies that do so may be allowed or fined after its operations, which confirms an earlier newspaper article The Wall Street Journal.

The government of former US President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018 from an agreement Iran had promised with major powers to control its nuclear program. In exchange for the removal of persistent sanctions.

The United States later re-imposed sanctions on the Asian country. One year later, Iran began violating its nuclear control pledges.

Western powers and Iran in Vienna
Western powers and Iran resume “tough” nuclear talks in Vienna (Photo: REUTERS)

Nowadays Negotiations are underway in Vienna Should try to re-enforce the contract, Although there has been little progress so far.

If significant progress is not made, The United States may send envoys to other countries to strengthen economic pressure on Iran, As reported WSJ.

The United Arab Emirates, an ally of the United States, sought to reduce tensions, Sent a delegation to Tehran last Monday.

Although United Arab Emirates and Iran They are on different sides when it comes to strategic competitions in the region, Its long-standing trade relations are one of Iran’s key relations with the outside world.

Iran is the fifth largest trading partner of the United Arab Emirates in terms of re-exports in the first nine months of this year, according to Emirati trade data.

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