January 27, 2023

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Nine people died on the first day of the state of emergency ordered by Dina Boluarte’s government

Clashes in Ayacucho leave one dead Video: TVPERÚ

The death toll in the protests in Peru continues to rise. This time, at least nine people died on the first day of the state of emergency declared by the government C. in BoluarteAs a measure seeking public order. In this way, 18 people have died in the protests.

The Regional Health Directorate Ayacucho (Teresa) confirmed seven dead and more than 50 injured in clashes between the National Police and protesters against the Republican Congress and President Tina Polwart. This was after the protest at the airport Alfredo Mendivil Duarte, In Huamanga.

They also mentioned that 12 more intensive care beds have been provided as more injured have been admitted. These figures are known from the reports of the Prevention and Control Center of Emergencies and Disasters, Red Huamanga and the Hospital Regional de Ayacucho. At this stage, the identity of the persons is still unknown, they said.

Meanwhile, two other deaths were recorded in Libertad due to protests. According to EFE, the number was added to the thousands of injuries reported during the day in different parts of the country within 24 hours.

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One death confirmed

In addition, an ambulance from the Santa Elena Hospital, a Mobile Emergency Medical Unit (SAMU), Peruvian firefighters and health workers have been mobilized, they noted, to take care of the injured and, if necessary, transfer them to health centers. .

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Theresa asked people to remain calm to prevent more casualties and to protect physical integrity. Around 2:00 p.m., local media reported that a group of protesters tried to enter the runway with stones, sticks and other objects.

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New clashes between police and demonstrators at Ayacucho airport. Video: Twitter

This afternoon, General Antero Mejía Escajadillo, head of the Ayacucho Police Macro Region, condemned the protesters for having weapons to attack members of the Peruvian police and military.

“These people want to take (the airport) and we have taken them out with the army. 200 people entered there and we took them out. The situation is very serious, the army is not providing much support, I hope this calms down. (…) On the other side there are people, they have revolvers, they are shooting,” said General Canal N.

According to the outlet, the protesters split into three groups and tried to enter. One of them managed to enter through the head of the territory with stones.

Diresa reports on deaths in Ayacucho
Diresa reports on deaths in Ayacucho

Hours before the death of the deceased was confirmed, the Ombudsman’s office requested the armed forces to cease fire.

“After two people died and dozens were injured during an attempt to take over the airport by protesters, we demand that the armed forces immediately stop using helicopter-launched guns and tear gas,” the agency wrote.

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