March 28, 2023

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Nicolas Maduro’s regime cancels elections in Paris and orders new elections after disqualifying opposition candidate

Maikel Moreno, President of the Supreme Court of Maduro

The dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro, through the election room The Supreme Court (TSJ) has decided to cancel the November 21 regional elections in the state of Paris.In western Venezuela, the homeland of the late former President Hugo Chavez and his relatives have ruled for the past 20 years.

In that sense, The TSJ has ordered the National Electoral Council (CNE) to hold a re-election on January 9 to elect the governor of the company.

The TSJ National Electoral Council (CNE) mandates that elections be held on January 9, 2022, to the Governor or Governor of the State of Barinas, which guarantees equal conditions for participation in subjects with the right to vote in the federal body. “, Refers to the verdict handed down by the judge responding to Maduro.

The move will be released on the same day The Savista regime decided to “disqualify citizen Freddie Francisco Superlano Salinas from any public office.”, The opposition candidate who claims election victory in the state of Paris.

Freddie Superlano is the candidate for governor of the opposition Parinas
Freddie Superlano is the candidate for governor of the opposition Parinas

The Supreme Court’s ruling that the November 21 elections resulted in a tense decision between Chavismo and the opposition.

CNE polls give 37.60% of the vote in favor of candidate Freddie Superlano, compared to 37.21% with candidate Argenis Chavez, Brother of Hugo Chavez.

In the sentence, TSJ cancels all procedures and actions celebrated in accordance with the November 21 election schedule in the state of Paris. For the election of Governor, including the filing of nominations, incl.

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In these new January elections, Superlano will not be able to register as a candidate due to the disqualification imposed by the dictatorship, Considering the decision he made in favor of becoming the new governor of Parinas.

The TSJ’s decision came after receiving constitutional ambaro action filed by Adolfo Ramon Superlano, a politician who is considered a dissident of the opposition..

Argenis Chavez, brother of Hugo Chavez
Argenis Chavez, brother of Hugo Chavez

“Allegedly violating the constitutional rights to participation and suffrage provided for in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, based on the general and worse facts about the tense climate between militant policies. Submitted, ”the Savista court justified its decision.

This Monday, The Maduro dictatorship halted the proclamation of the governor of Paris. Superlane, He won the regional election for more than 20 years of Chavez domination in a state where the brothers of the late former president are in full power.

In the face of this situation, the Supreme Court’s Electoral Room (TSJ) Savista ordered the National Electoral Council to suspend the whole process of declaring and adjudicating the government in order to avoid a major symbolic defeat in the region. State Parinas.

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