December 7, 2022

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New Year 2022, Live: I followed the celebrations in the world and in Argentina

The government of Buenos Aires has announced the schedule Activities for December 31st and January 1st 2022. Includes detail system Testing centers, corona virus vaccination points, Operation of garbage collection service, subway and primetro time and meter parking.

With the arrival of 2022 and the presence of a live band, Hong Kong hosted an impressive light show to the world to celebrate the New Year.

The epidemic environment forces many Individuals and entire families should celebrate the arrival of the New Year in solitude. That’s why it’s appropriate to report messages and calls to family and friends announcing year – related options.

A series News and phrases can be used to greet and share greetings in the last hours of 2021 and early 2022. With loved ones who are not at the regular dinner looking forward to the arrival of the new year.

A Moscow Its streets, sidewalks and walkways glow with ornaments Welcome to 2022. There, in a foggy environment, with frost, Russian citizens celebrated the arrival of the New Year.

This is how the streets of Russia were decorated for the arrival of 2022Anadolu Agency – Anatolu Agency

The German government The country has implemented a control measure in line with the rate of corona infections. That was decided Bars and clubs are covered During the New Year celebrations, avoid crowds and the spread of the virus.

In a different context, Germany will receive with 2022 Capacity for private meetings 10 people And with restrictions on mass parties and sporting events.

This The autonomous city of Buenos Aires will open its test centers on Friday, December 31 and Saturday, January 1.Although it is important to check the opening time and the specific locations of their doors. DetectAr centers will be closed tomorrow. Buenos Aires is the official site of the government Available locations and hourly details You can help.

2022 came to Australia and Sydney was the main stage with impressive lights and fireworks at traditional festivals. In addition, the Sydney Opera House celebrated the arrival of the New Year.

According to the government of Buenos Aires Breathalyzer controls in the territory of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires And will be with them 15 seats To carry out tests on vehicles in circulation on New Year’s Eve and the first hours of 2022.

Security officials carried out 2,822 restrictions during the Christmas festivities, resulting in 1% positive cases.

“The corona virus wave and winter storms are confusing airlines.” Start title New York Times Reviewing a day with a “small holiday” for a section of the American population: Over the New Year weekend, more than 1,000 flights were canceled due to Omicron (epidemics reduced staff) and the next few days will be frustrating as snowstorms are expected in Denver and Chicago., Dallas with heavy thunderstorms.

“I have never seen such a decline in my life,” said Angelo Cucusa, organizer of the Transport Workers’ Union, which represents flight attendants at JetBlue. As the Times quoted him, “they can’t keep up with the number of people doing positive testing,” he said. The Transportation Safety Administration estimates that 10 million people could fly this weekend. For months, airlines have been making reservations for the Christmas meeting. But those measures were not enough in the rapidly changing situation, and many passengers were frustrated.

The arrival of the new year is usually full of jokes and jokes about the environment prevailing around the world. Social media also echoed Particular congratulations Share with instant messaging and dedicate them to family and friends with humor: take a look The best memes to send through WhatsApp.

Users of social networks have already started sending out classic memes depicting the general feeling of being in these turbulent times of epidemics.
Users of social networks have already started sending out classic memes depicting the general feeling of being in these turbulent times of epidemics.Twitter

The The Ministry of Health has issued several recommendations To prevent the spread of the virus at New Year’s family gatherings. The following maintenance activities are highlighted:

Social media users have mentioned the difficulties people face during New Year celebrations Increasing cases of corona virus infection. Again, the New Year celebration will be marked on more than one occasion by observational and preventive measures and last-minute changes by the results of last-day swaps.

The island of New Zealand draws the attention of the world to its glorious festivities in every New Year celebration. Imposes the use of fireworks. As usual, the Auckland Harbor Bridge was one of the most important festivals in the country.

The beginning of the new year in Argentina is still beating. The Republic of Kiribati Already celebrated. It’s about the country in the world, frying in front of others, To be number one in time zones in the world. The first point of this small archipelago of Oceania, with 33 islands and atolls starting in 2022, is the island of Kritimati, also known as Isla Navidat., As well as Christmas is celebrated around the world on December 25th. The temperate coral atoll is approximately 388 square kilometers and 232 kilometers above the equator and 3,282 kilometers from the main island and capital of South Tarawa, Kiribati.

The last day of the year will maintain the course of the whole week, although the high heat at breakfast time may be somewhat favorable. In addition, the night from 2021 to 2022 is not excluded from the possibility of isolated storms in transit.

This is expected by forecasts from the National Weather Service, which estimates an average temperature of 26 C. morning. The mark will be behind the afternoon forecast when it reaches a maximum of 35 C, one degree lower than yesterday’s high. But at night, the temperature will be slightly higher and at night it will be 27 C. Estimates at this time did not indicate midnight rain, Jan. 1 Despite early morning and early morning opportunities. However, the temperature will not drop and a maximum of 30 degrees is expected until next Tuesday.

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