March 28, 2023

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New wave of corona virus in Germany: Merkel will use more restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Photo: Reuters)

The heads of state of Germany agreed with the federal government this Thursday Introduce restrictions on public life for those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Evidence from a meeting of German officials quoted by the news agency DPA Have made sure to focus on amenities Leisure, culture or sport, among others, can only be accessed by those with a full immunization schedule or those over COVID-19.

Restrictions will take effect when the number of hospital admissions due to illness reaches 3. I.e., Three people were hospitalized last week for a cause related to COVID-19 per 100,000 people.. If the rate is less than 3 in five days, the restrictions will be relaxed.

Children under the age of 18 – most of whom have not been vaccinated in Germany – are exempt from compliance.. On the other hand, if the rate is higher than number 6, those with a complete immunization program or surviving Covit-19 They must present a negative diagnostic test to access public facilities.

Vaccination Center in Nuremberg, Germany (Photo: Reuters)
Vaccination Center in Nuremberg, Germany (Photo: Reuters)

The restrictions come after German officials announced more on Thursday 65,000 New cases Corona virus recorded in the last day, the amount of accumulated weekly events 336.9 Cases for 100,000 people This indicates the recording of new maximum data for the second day in a row on these indicators.

Robert Koch, the government agency responsible for controlling the epidemic, said on its website In the last 24 hours, 65,371 infections and 264 deaths have been reported, up from 5,195,321 and 98,538, respectively.

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Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for an end to the epidemic in the country.Dramatic”. In a meeting with heads of regional government, the president stressed.Hurry“The fourth wave has warned that the vaccination rate is not enough to prevent infections.

Merkel pointed out that the purpose of the presentation was to provide, according to participants in the meeting cited by the DPA. 27 million vaccines as soon as possible. So far, 4.8 million of Germany’s more than 83 million people have received booster doses.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic will do the same

Slovak Prime Minister Edward Heger (Photo: Reuters)
Slovak Prime Minister Edward Heger (Photo: Reuters)

Governments Republic Czech And Slovakia Thursday approved new restrictions on the corona virus infection, which will take effect next week Among the infections reported in both neighboring countries, they are particularly targeted at those who have not been vaccinated.

Czech Minister of Health, Adam Wojtech, Said most people are not vaccinated against Govt-19 You can no longer take a negative corona virus test to attend public events, visit bars and restaurants, visit beauty salons, museums and similar facilities or stay in hotels.

Only those who have been vaccinated or survived COVID-19 will be eligibleExemptions are available for those who are between 12 and 18 years of age, but who are not allowed to be vaccinated due to medical conditions and who have been partially vaccinated.

Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Babis (Photo: Reuters)
Czech Prime Minister Andrzej Babis (Photo: Reuters)

Vojtech said the goal of the measures, which will take effect on Monday Encourage people to get vaccinated. These activities will continue until the end of February.

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Czech Prime Minister, Andrzej BabisHe said his government was inspired by similar measures imposed by the German state of Bavaria. “The situation is serious and we urge the entire population to be vaccinated again.”Bobbis insisted.

A Negative test This is enough for people going to hospitals and nursing homes.

What else, The government will mandate mandatory weekly corona virus tests For non-vaccinated employees working in any company. This test is mandatory for people over 60 and those who have been vaccinated.

At the same time, tests in schools Priorities And High schools Those that were due to end on November 29 will continue to apply.

The announcement comes amid a rise in the number of daily infections in the Czech Republic 22.511 It almost broke the previous record set on Tuesday, January 7th 5,000 And about 8,000 more than was recorded a week ago.

(With information from AP and Europa Press)

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