June 7, 2023

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New medical report from the Vatican: What ails the Pope and when will he be discharged?

Rome.- In the last medical report, the fourth since he was admitted to the Gemelli Hospital yesterday, the Vatican announced today after 8:00 pm (local time). Pope FranciscoWho is affected? “Infectious-Based Bronchitis” what Improved by antibiotics, He may be discharged in the next few days.

“Pope Francis spent the afternoon at Gemelli Hospital Rest, prayer and some work issues”, said the Director of the Press Office of the Holy See, Matthew BruniIt later added information from a medical team following the health of the pope, who turned 86 on December 17.

Periositas in front of the Agostino Gemelli Hospital admitted to the Aba Francisco Hospital. (AP/Andrew Medicini)Andrew Medichini – AB

“In the field of medical controls planned for the Holy Father, An infection-based bronchitis was diagnosed, requiring intravenous antibiotic therapy It has produced the expected results with a clear improvement in health status. Based on the expected evolution, the Holy Father may be discharged in the coming days“, he added.

The second half of the day was on the same promising lines as the morning, confirming news from hospital sources who had already spoken about bronchitis. After noon, Bruni reported that, in fact, the Pope had rested well at night, which he promised was a “medical image.” was in progressive progress” and he follows “planned treatment”.

This morning, he had breakfast, read some newspapers and went to work.”, he added, before lunch the Pope went to the private chapel in his apartment on the tenth floor of the hospital to “congregate himself in prayer and receive the Eucharist”.

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Again, briefly and probably at the discretion of Pope Francis himself Reluctance to dramatize his condition, the Vatican statement, which handles information with droppers, did not give details. He did not speak of a “respiratory infection” again, and in a second statement released after 8:00pm local time on Wednesday, he revealed that the Pope had recently had “respiratory difficulties” while he ruled out a Covid-19 infection. days and the Pope was expected to be hospitalized “for a few days in due course of medical treatment.”

Francisco, who participated in Wednesday morning’s public meeting the day before yesterday, was grimacing in pain as he boarded the jeep, but appeared to be relatively well without a cough. Ahead of Holy Week, the Vatican was plunged into total uncertainty.

Beyond the faith of the two medical parts of the day, everyone felt it was a completely different Easter, probably without the Pope in the main celebrations, beginning with Palm Mass this Sunday, which commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. This opens the most important liturgical time for Catholics. In the Plaza de San Pedro they have already begun placing chairs for this mass, which has a large procession and is regularly attended by thousands of faithful, the presence of Pope Francis being rejected.

In this sense, it is affirmed what Celebrating Palm Mass this Sunday is Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Oriental Churches and Vice-Dean of the College of Cardinals.

Indeed, Sandri clarified that he had already been warned that he would be celebrating this mass celebrating the death of Saint John Paul II (2 April 2005) last Monday, when no one had imagined the Pope’s hospitalization. ), he is the replacement and “voice”, the Polish Pope can no longer speak. “In recent times, due to pain in the Holy Father’s knee, which makes it difficult to stand for long periods of time, the Pope usually attends and presides over ceremonies, seated, while a cardinal celebrates Mass,” Sandri explained to Corriere della Sera. He recalled being celebrated by the Italian Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, dean of the College of Cardinals.

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For his part, Rhee, who celebrates the Easter mass, affirms who is judged by who celebrates the Easter vigil. But in this plan to celebrate the cardinals, Cardinal Vicar of Rome Angelo de Donatis will preside over the Holy Thursday celebration, while the Lord’s Supper Mass on Friday will be Cardinal Mauro’s turn. Gambetti, Archbishop of St. Peter’s Basilica. The big question was whether the pope would be able to deliver the traditional “Urbi et Arbi” message to the city and the world from the central balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica on Easter Sunday, and who would lead the traditional Via Crucis. Good Friday at the Coliseum.

Even if you are discharged tomorrow or the day after, if you follow the “progressive improvement” in the Pope’s medical picture, the doctors will definitely recommend that you participate as little as possible in the celebrations, especially if they are away. Being out in the open after a respiratory infection, and especially when the weather forecast talks about winter temperatures in the coming days, is completely undesirable.

Meanwhile, Italian press sources confirmed earlier in the morning that Gemelli’s doctors had ruled out pneumonia or heart problems, as had been feared on Wednesday. Although the official communication did not say so, but initially spoke of “pre-planned restrictions”, the Pope used an ambulance to go to Gemelli yesterday afternoon.

There was talk of a “mild” respiratory infection, bronchitis – the Vatican later confirmed – and “some streaks of fever”, although the Vatican medical report on the night did not mention it.

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The truth is that La Nacion learned through his personal secretary, who sent Judge Roberto Gallardo, to confirm that the Pope—who never stops—continues to work from Gemelli Hospital. Science to be closed to-morrow, the text to be read then. “There is good news about the evolution of his illness, everything seems to be going well, and his personal secretary has sent me a message that Cardinal Turksen (Peter, Rector of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences) will certainly read it tomorrow. Apparently he is doing it under his orders. , those are things he wrote, so it’s very inspiring,” Gallardo said.

Although he didn’t address it directly, the Pope wanted to thank his more than 18 million followers from his Twitter account. “I am moved by the countless messages I have received in these hours; I thank everyone for their closeness and prayers,” he wrote.

Omens for the Holy Father’s “speedy recovery” came from all over the world, starting with Italy and its president Sergio Mattarella and other personalities and Italian bishops. The Diocese of Rome expressed its affection and closeness to its Bishop, Pope Francis and assured him of his unceasing prayers, even stronger at this difficult moment, wishing him a speedy recovery.

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