June 7, 2023

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MyHouse.wad, the doom map that threatens the world

Back when Doom’s map-making was at its peak, it was very common for hobbyists to have their baptism of fire. becomes his own Gaza On a map full of cacodemons and other creatures. MyHouse.wad was the most common name for that map and there were thousands of them. Today, the community of Doom map developers is still active, but in a very closed way and with people who have already experienced a thousand battles, so it is not so common to find such work nowadays.

For this reason, it was surprising to see a post on Doomworld last March called simply MyHouse. A junior user, but registered in 2004 under the pseudonym Wedge, explained in the post that he had lost a good childhood friend last August and that at the funeral, his parents shared some of his possessions with him, including a 3.5 disk drive. Your map Gaza. At the turn of the millennium, Wedge explains, even though he and his friend had never seen that particular map, they also began trying to create their own maps. As a tribute, he dusted off Doom Builder and decided to polish up the blueprint his friend left behind and add some modern elements needed to install GZdoom. As he explains, it’s a “short sketch,” just 10 minutes long, “a beautiful tribute to my friend and an opportunity to share something with the community we love.” Link leads to a Google Drive Map and some folders, including sketches, photographs, memorabilia and a diary.

Before proceeding, we invite everyone who has explored this “little map” to try it for themselves before reading further on the topic. The truth is, it’s already difficult because the popularity of the map is explosive and all kinds of popular content creators are creating content with millions of hits. But the advice is still valid: If you don’t hear from MyHouse, Drop what you’re doing and play. you need Install gzdoom, and place Doom2.wad in the same folder where it was installed (for example, you’ll find it in the folder where you installed your Steam copy of Ultimate Doom) and in the same folder, place the file that appears. A file folder from the drive called MyHouse.pk3 (it’s important that it’s .pk3, and not .wad). Once that’s done, configure GZDoom to automatically launch any file with a .pk3 extension, and you’re done (plus, it opens the doors to a whole universe of Doom maps with some pretty cool stuff).

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Here’s what we’re saying once you’re advised to start playing on your own may be considered spoiled. warned that they exist.

The map begins, as expected, in front of a semi-open garage with a front door and several doors. If returned Gaza On the outside, you might notice something odd, like the lack of windows at the bottom, but nothing too flashy. Entering through the main door, you will find the hall, kitchen, living room, one bedroom, toilets… all full of classic doom creatures. A lot of attention is paid to details such as the television in the room con su PlayStation Original, undoubtedly a beautiful memorial to the memories of the deceased. Following the natural flow of the map, we descend and find a common “man cave” as they call it in America, an area with its pool table, its additional kitchen a bar, another living room, its windows overlooking the garden…

Wait, there are no windows from the outside, because now we see windows from the inside… why is there a blue sphere outside when there was none before? Naturally, we go outside to see what’s going on, and we see windows that weren’t there before. And what’s worse is that we see through the windows the enemies we’ve already killed, as if we weren’t even there. Why when we return to the upper living room The Xbox Series X has replaced the PlayStation?

Why, when we managed to get to the upper storage room and lowered the exit door, it turned into a closet? How do we go out?

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Something is wrong

As you play the “miniature level”, you feel that something is off, and you start seeing doors you don’t remember being there, rooms you never passed through. Areas that have nothing to do with the type settings you’ve seen so far. And the familiar doom music keeps changing into something else. And you can’t leaveOr at least you can’t figure out how.

Maybe you can find the silhouette of a door in a cellar and try to go through it. And You will find yourself in an unexpected place

Or you can activate a device that appears short and when it activates The lights go out and some screams are heard….

Or, in a show of ingenuity, you might decide to execute a noclip on the console and find that you’ve just done it. Big mistake…

whats going on?

At this point you are in the middle of the rabbit hole, trying to see how deep it goes. Maybe you want to see the rest of the files in Google Drive, You may want to read on MyHouse.txt

Do not copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.

I tried to remove this map, but it keeps changing without my intervention. What started as a tribute to a lost friend ended up ruining my entire life. As this map grew beyond what I had hoped for, I suffered from paranoia and insomnia. It consumed me. Don’t let it consume you either. Delete it. Don’t give me credit. Do not try to contact me. Do not attempt to use the material for commercial purposes. Do not remix, modify or create the material. Above all, do not modify or otherwise distribute this file. I tried to put it on the internet, but it got on the net. It is still changing. He wants you to be sad. only Invincible.

Don’t let him win. Don’t play it

A little late…

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The next step is to have the friend read a journal documenting the process of creating the map from what the friend left behind. A process that starts out fairly normal, but becomes increasingly strange as the anonymous writer recounts the dreams and nightmares he’s had. Why do you write every time? Gaza Is it a different color than the others? (Yes, those who catch the hint will understand why A specific book (more than 20 years since it was published and has been on Amazon’s best-seller list).

We’re not going to delve into all the secrets MyHouse hides, part of the fun is discovering them yourself or getting as many as you can before seeking help. Yes, let’s say it was an experience Many layers deep, there’s more hidden content here than we imagine, and just when you think you’re done with it and there’s nothing else, it’s most likely that there’s more to discover. There are different endings, and all the content of the game can be seen through a diary, which becomes more and more painful as we read it, but it is important in connecting the dots with what is happening inside. Gaza.

As an exercise in horror, MyHouse is subtle, not an experience that makes you want to jump out of your chair, rather The terror that seeps into your bones And stay with you for a long time. When we are at home we hear a noise that doesn’t belong to us or we notice a strange shadow while walking down the street. When we notice that something doesn’t fit within what we consider safe and familiar, that’s when the greatest chills occur. MyHouse plays with the familiarity of something like a Doom map, gradually introducing small changes that disorient you and make you wonder if you’re paranoid, until it slams its claws into you and realizes it, we’re not. No more in Kansas. As a map, it’s absolutely brilliant, twisting the aging IT engine to deliver unexpected and surprising moments that were the fruit of some meticulous work.

Released last March, MyHouse first captivated the DoomWorld community and has now entered the public domain after several streamers created viral content (if you don’t have a problem with English, this is a great work from Power Pak to explore everything that hides the game and its references). Like them, we again advise you to play the first games blindly, and then go deeper with help. But in any case, it is already clear that we are already there Underground is one of the greatest video game experiences ever This year.