June 7, 2023

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Miley notified two key members of his economic council if he won the presidency

Candidate for President, during key weeks based on election criteria Javier Mille confirmed that economist Carlos Rodríguez will head the Board of Economic Advisers. He will accompany him if he is anointed in the executive branch on December 10.

As announced by his team this morning, this body Economic Ministry cannot be changed In any of its functions, it plays only an advisory role in matters of economic policy.

Javier Miele is flirting with a major agricultural producer as a candidate

The Council of Economic Advisers will be made up of “three eminent economists”, two of whom are already known by name: Carlos Rodriguez Y Roque Fernandez, Both economic officials during the second administration of former President Carlos MenemChairman of the Cabinet of Advisers of the Finance Palace and Secretary of Economic Policy as the first and second Economic Minister and Governor of the Central Bank.

Everyone knows that “Teacher” Rodriguez has been a member of Milei’s counseling teams for several months As part of his economic plans, it is the ultimate goal Dollarization. Respect for the leadership of La Libertad Avanza’s current National Sub-Counselors is total: Argentina considers him one of the five most important economists in history.

Promotional photo with Carlos Rodriguez, Carina Miley and Javier Miley.

Although all presidential systems maintain external consultation throughout the administration, Miley was inspired by the historical background Former President Ronald Reagan chaired the Council of Economic Advisers Milton Friedman.

The team’s third name is still unknown. From their place they were encouraged to flirt Alberto Benacus Lynch (H)Recently at the presentation of his latest book who maintains a permanent dialogue with him Juan Carlos de Pablo.

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His new head of advisers, Mili “pIt shows the same principles that we followed [con Roque Fernndez] In these decades. For obvious reasons We have decided to support it with all our strength and long experience. Therefore, we have accepted your proposal to consolidate your group of Economic Advisers”.

Carlos Rodríguez received his bachelor’s degree in economics from UBA in 1969 and his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago in 1973. He has been the Rector of UCEMA since its inception and has been a consultant to the IMF and the World Bank.

We share with Roque the principles of political and economic freedom, openness, integration and competition as fundamental pillars of modern capitalist society. He was a fundamental pillar in the implementation of the transformation plan. I collaborated with him as head of counsel. Deputy Minister in two years,” he further explained.

Javier Mili and Roque Fernandez.

As he explained, with his ally on the Board of Advisors, he favors a liberal right-wing alternative toward free markets and an open economy.

The Libertarian candidate has already provided an overview of the measures he wants to implement if he reaches the Casa Rosada: An unemployment insurance model -overhauling existing labor laws-, reducing or eliminating most taxes and investments, eliminating public works and shifting to private initiative.

However, given the abolition of the Central Axis Central Bank (BCRA) and the establishment of a free competitive system of currencies, This would include a practical dollarization Given the weakness of the Argentine peso.

It remains to be seen who heads the Ministry of EconomyAs well as other portfolios you plan to hold on a regular basis (Foreign Relations, Infrastructure, Human Capital, Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and Home Affairs) and his pre-candidate for the governorship of Buenos Aires.

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