April 1, 2023

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MAS’s intern: A minister from Luis Arce defends himself against Evo Morales’ accusations that his phone was stolen

Bolivia’s Minister of Government (Interior) Eduardo del Castillo, in a file photo. EFE/Stringer

Bolivian government minister Eduardo del Castillo came out on Tuesday after accusations against him by former President Evo Morales after his cellphone was stolen during a public event.It is assured that there is no complaint on record for these facts.

Morales took to Twitter on Monday to condemn the theft of his phone, which “contains the interior minister and his security” at a Movement for Socialism (MAS) rally. “This is the first time in all these years of political activity that we have had such an incident. We don’t think this is part of a planned attack to harm us“, he pointed out.

The former president said this through his account on the social networking site Twitter.The militancy of the Bolivian people and especially of the MAS-IPSP is visible: Apart from my phone, they stole two cell phones from my only communication assistant”.

Already this Tuesday he has once again raised suspicions of a possible “premeditated” attack and confirmed that apart from his phone, two phones belonging to his liaison assistant went missing in the same act.

Del Castillo explained to the media that he had requested reports from the police and that “there was no report of cellphone theft at the end of the La Guardia campaign.” in Santa Cruz. For this reason, the newspaper reported that he said he was waiting for the complainants to “go to relevant events”. Duty.

Evo Morales (Franco Fafusuli)
Evo Morales (Franco Fafusuli)

Likewise, the minister argued that there was “nothing to worry about”, noting the innocence of the mobile’s contents. “We all know privately what content is on our cellphones,” he said, without going into details.

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The hypothesis that it was a “preemptive action” had already slipped on MondayWhen he claims his phone was stolen “It happened in an action attended by the Minister of the Interior (Eduardo del Castillo) and his security (police). (…) We don’t want to think that this is part of a planned attack to harm us,” he said..

A political event of the Governing Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) was held on Sunday in a town in the Department of Santa Cruz.

Morales (2006-2019) previously expressed his public criticism of the performance of Minister del Castillo. And his MAS party called for the impeachment of President Luis Arce, although the president did not echo the claims.

The former Aymara ruler also indicated that he had not.Nothing to hide“, but what “We will report any attempt to use frame-ups or misrepresentations against us”.

Influential MAS affiliate, Juanito anglenoted that “This is the cell phone of an important, historical leader, a former president and of course it contains important information”.

Bolivian President Luis Arce Catacora stands with former President Evo Morales as they march with supporters of the Bolivian MAS party, workers and coca producers to show their support for Arce's government in La Paz, Bolivia.  REUTERS/Manuel Claire
Bolivian President Luis Arce Catacora stands with former President Evo Morales as they march with supporters of the Bolivian MAS party, workers and coca producers to show their support for Arce’s government in La Paz, Bolivia. REUTERS/Manuel Claire

He even said thatThere are intruders” He doubts the legitimacy of the government’s actions and that they should have a phone.

The theft of the device has prompted complaints from the opposition that the government is sending an unusual number of police officers to clear the case and trace the cellphone..

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Opposition Member of Parliament Jose Carlos Gutierreznoted that “Police mobilization for lost cell phone is interesting”.

According to him, all these scenes “call for attention”, “this cell phone looks like a gold mine to learn about all its political and trade union connections”.

Alexander ReyesAnother opposition legislator said, “There is no need to mobilize the police because of individual carelessness” and Morales must reveal what information he has to justify why the “national security apparatus” is being moved by phone.

(With information from Europa Press)

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