December 6, 2022

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Martin Retrato’s grand chicana for Louisiana Salazar, confiscated for paying food rations.

Martin Retrodo Seized by a judge for arrears of 10 months’ alimony of his daughter Matilda Louisiana Salazar. With this in mind, the economist came to respond with an unusual post in which he shows A gift from your children with the phrase “Super Dad”..

“A nice gift from my children to start everything every day,” Redrado wrote on his account. InstagramA few hours after Luli posted on his social networks, he shot and killed him and his wife Sangunetti powder.

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In a photo uploaded by Martin Redrado to his stories on that social network, it shows A Cup in EnglishSuper Dad!, translated into Spanish means “Super Dad”. Additionally, she emphasized that it is a motivation to start each day on a positive note. In the background, a computer screen with a video call can be seen, indicating that he is working.

“Super dad”, a phrase shared by Martin Retrato after the controversy over sanctions. (Photo: Instagram / martinredrado_).

Strong defense by Louisiana Salazar against Martin Redrado

Found Luciana Salazar Justice obstructs one of Martin Retrato’s accounts Because he owes Matilda 10 months of child support. The economist cannot move money in pesos or dollars until he resolves his legal situation.

Through her social networks and in a deep dive, Louisiana has shared a document proving that her ex-partner owes her money. “Shame on the central bank chairman and today CEO of Fundacion Capital, Ironically there is a claim on your account Bank for non-compliance with a minor’s diet,” the model wrote on her official Instagram account.

Expulsion of Luciana Salazar after the suspension of Martin Redrado in the Department of Justice (Photo: Instagram / salazarluli).
Expulsion of Luciana Salazar after the suspension of Martin Redrado in the Department of Justice (Photo: Instagram / salazarluli).

Louisiana was outraged by the proceedings before the judge: “I don’t know the actions of the person who was my partner and with whom I shared more than 10 years, which would never have reached these events and less with a minor in the middle. Knowing that Matilda’s coming into this world was a collective decision, that’s why all her rights were guaranteed before she was born, and that was reflected in everything she signed.

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Also, the model was fired Sangunetti powder, the current wife of an economist. “I hope you have someone on your side who will help you understand that hatred will never lead you on the right path. Thinking that you are harming me, you are harming only a minor (violating her rights). But as far as I know you are doing it mainly for those who are a valuable economist.