June 7, 2023

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Man who opened emergency door of Asiana Airlines flight in mid-air speaks: “I wanted to get off quickly”

A passenger opened the plane door in mid-air

He opened this Friday Emergency door of a South Korean commercial airliner He told police he did so moments before the plane landed at Daegu International Airport, 240 kilometers southeast of Seoul. He felt very overwhelmed and wanted to get off as soon as possibleLocal media reported.

The man felt that the flight was taking longer than it should and he felt suffocated inside the cabin.”, he announced to the news agency AFP A Daegu police detective.

The detained passenger took advantage of the cabin crew sitting down and fastening their seat belts to open the plane’s door and prepare for landing. 200 meters high.

An official from South Korea’s transport ministry assured that it was the “first incident of its kind” in the history of Korean aviation. (AP)

This caused panic among those on board, with videos taken by some passengers and shared on social networks.

A video shows how wind enters the plane, moves the seat back and shakes the hair of screaming passengers.

A South Korean plane landed safely after the door opened in mid-flight

It was confusing. People near the gate appeared to have passed out, and flight attendants called for medics on the plane.”, he declared Yonhap A 44-year-old passenger.

“I thought the plane was going to explode. I thought I would die like this,” he added.

were among the passengers Youth group They were on their way to a track meet.

Yonhap He quoted other passengers Suffered from severe earache After the door opens. Some cabin crew requested assistance from passengers to prevent the door from opening.

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an officer Ministry of Transport It told AFP from South Korea that “First such incident They were familiar with the history of Korean aviation.

Among the passengers were a group of teenagers on their way to a track meet. (Reuters)

The man initially refused to talk during the investigation, but eventually told officers Recently he was under a lot of stress after losing his job And he suddenly plunged inside the plane.

After the preliminary investigation, A Warrant of arrestor by man Violates Aviation Safety ActPenalties up to 10 years in prison Inside South Korea.

nothing 194 passengers The plane’s occupants were injured during the landing A dozen experienced hyperventilation A further nine required hospitalization without a serious prognosis.

(With information from EFE and AFP)

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