March 28, 2023

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Major newspapers reviewed Lula’s marginal advantage over Bolsonaro in Brazil.

Major newspapers reviewed Lula’s narrow margin of victory over Bolsonaro in Brazil. (Reuters)

Progressive leader Luis Inacio Lula da Silva selected President of Brazil with 50.90% Valid votes in Second round Presidential elections this Sunday, ahead 49.10% of the President Jair BolsonaroAccording to the official data, 99.98% of the total after examination.

Chairman of Labor Party (PT) won by a lead 2.1 million votes In one of the most polarized elections in Brazil’s history, the second round had the narrowest margin between the two candidates.

The world’s leading media carried the news on their front pages.

Cover of the Wall Street Journal for October 31, 2022
Cover of the Wall Street Journal for October 31, 2022

Lula da Silva defeated Bolsonaro and regained the presidency of Brazil” headlined the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal Y In his note, he pointed out that the victory establishes a shift to the left in Latin America and marks the return of a man who was jailed for corruption three years ago.

Reviewing messages TWS After campaigning in the poorest corners of the country to call on voters hungry for a return to Brazil’s more prosperous past, Mr. Da Silva received 60 million votes. In the second round, 99.5% of the votes were counted, confirming 50.9% of voters compared to 49.1% in the second round.

Spain's ABC cover of October 31, 2022
Spain’s ABC cover of October 31, 2022

For its part, the Spanish newspaper ABC Title: “Lula returns to power in Brazil after twelve years”. However, “the main defeat of Lula and his Workers’ Party (PT) is in the state of São Paulo, where former left-wing mayor Fernando Haddad lost the election against Bolsonerist candidate Darcisio de Freitas. By a good margin of more than 10 points”, underestimating the victory of the left-wing leader.

Latest news coverage for October 31, 2022
Latest news coverage for October 31, 2022

One of the first newspapers in Latin America to publish its cover photo to the winner Lula da Silva Últimas Noticias, a Venezuelan newspaper affiliated with the Nicolás Maduro regime, is therefore a loyal friend of the far left in the region.

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Along with the now-elect President-elect’s best “Lula won” and different text quotes, this Chavista newspaper promised that “the day was marked by complaints about roadblocks to prevent voter access”. He also conveyed his best wishes Venezuelan dictator To Lula da Silva.

Front of El Pais, Spain on October 31, 2022
Front of El Pais, Spain on October 31, 2022

“Brazil splits in two as tussle between Lula and Bolsonaro” “Left-wing candidate slightly ahead of incumbent president, 90% of votes counted, very tight figure,” headlined this Spanish newspaper.

The progressive leader had already won First roundOn the 2nd of October last, with 48.4% With valid votes, but not getting more than half of the votes, he faces the far-right leader on the ballot today. 45.2%.

Lula, who ruled Brazil between 2003 and 2010, will take up his third term as head of state next January.

The far-right leader led the first part of the count; He had 14 percentage points, and when votes from smaller towns and suburbs began to be counted, he was beaten only by his rival, who got just 67% of the vote.

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