June 7, 2023

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Macri revealed that he is making a documentary about his life

Maurizio Macri He announced that he was not a presidential candidate. After that confirmation he gave Louis Majul a report on LN+. He arrived with several cameras, La Corniza’s driver highlighted: “There are several cameras here,” he told him. The former president smiled. He confirmed at the time that it was because he was filming a documentary, although he did not elaborate. LA NACION was able to reconstruct, from sources close to the former president, that he is doing just that With an English producer, he proposes it to her and is coordinated by his daughter Augustina.

“It’s a tour de force of his life,” explained sources close to Macri. The film will release later this year. Macri, who said he would continue to be involved in politics but would have time for other things, noted with Luis Majul that he would have time to write books (writing about his relationship with Franco. Macri, his father) and read. The former president also continues his role at the FIFA Foundation.

And, he added Juliana Avada, his wife, supported him in his decision. He had also told him that he wanted not to be a candidate this time. Macri has already written two books. There was one of them First timeAfter leaving the presidency. Then, on the eve of an election year, he wrote, raising doubts about a possible candidate Soand delivered it to various towns in the interior of the country.

Agustina Macri, daughter of the former president, is coordinating a documentary on her father’s lifeSispio/Siba – kick


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