June 3, 2023

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Macri goes to Kirchnerism in Brazil: “Today they are shocked”

President Alberto Fernandez and other national leaders spoke out this Sunday against the actions of followers of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who looted and destroyed. National Congress, Supreme Court of Justice (STF, Supreme Federal Court) and Presidential Palace (Planaldo) from that country.

The President of Argentina spoke about this Demonstrations in BrasiliaThe capital of Brazil, added: “Democracy is the only political system that guarantees liberties and respects the judgment of the people”. via TwitterCompulsory refused Damage to former Brazilian president’s militia Held in government buildings.

In the Twitter post, the President said: “Those who attempt to ignore the will of the majority are not only a threat to democracy and the associated legal sanction, but deserve the outright rejection of the international community.” For this reason, the President condemned the mobilizations carried out by the Bolsonaros. “I want to express my rejection of what is happening in Brasilia. My unconditional support and the support of the Argentine people for this attempted coup against Lula da Silva.”Posted on social media.

In addition, Fernández, as president of Celac and Mercosur, “puts the member states on alert so that we can unite in this unacceptable anti-democratic reaction that is trying to impose itself on Brazil.” And he added: “We will firmly and fully adhere to the government democratically elected by Brazilians led by President Lula. We stand together with the Brazilian people to defend democracy and never again allow the specter of a coup promoted by the right.

Afternoon, Vice President Christina Kirchner He also expressed his opinion against riots. “The images in Brasilia today mirror those of the Washington Capitol on January 6, 2021. It’s not accidental…”, wrote the national officer. “We trust Lula’s experience to face this real challenge to democracy in Brazil”, he reflected.

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hours later, Former president Mauricio Macri condemned the actions in the neighboring country. In his Twitter post, he said, “I reject the acts of violence recorded in Brazil, where a crowd invaded the Presidential Palace, the Supreme Court and the Congress building, endangering the peace and democratic stability of the country. My solidarity with President Lula at this time”.

And, he said, the episode is warning “The Global Weakness of Democratic Institutions”. And he established a parallel with the situation in the country. “It has been demonstrated that they can be run by a mob through equally brutal anti-democratic political means, as in Brazil or as is happening now in Argentina, through the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court.”

“Let us not forget that Kirchnerism, shocked by the events in Brazil today, organized, encouraged and led the violent attack on the Congress of the Nation of Argentina in 2017.” He questioned. And he concluded: “Democracy and institutions must always and everywhere be respected. Because first they destroy institutions, then they destroy liberty and life.”

In the same way, the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, emphasized and questioned the ruling party: He wrote on his Twitter account, “Democrats and authorities here with other countries.” And he added: “Here, they want to capture the Supreme Court and destroy the Congress with 14 tons of stones. The day you withdraw your dismissal request from the court, you can have your say on what’s happening in Brazil.

According to the administration’s leader, Economy Minister Sergio Massa joined in his rejection of the coup-tinged protests that have gripped Brazil. “I strongly reject acts of violence and attacks on democratic institutions in Brazil. Such facts threaten democracy and the will of the people. “My full support for Lula and my solidarity with the government and the people of Brazil,” Tiegrens tweeted.

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Argentina’s trade union condemned the riots and expressed its condemnation of today’s anti-democratic events in Brazil. “We ask them to respect the institutional order of the neighboring country, respecting the commitment and common rule that unites us in Mercosur,” they said.

Ambassador in Brazil, Daniel Cioli, He denounced the “institutional acts of violence in Brazil against the three powers” and supported President Lula to “restore democratic order” in the country.

“In the face of right-wing coup activities in Brazil, we express our solidarity with Lula,” the foreign minister said. Santiago cafiero On his Twitter account, he expressed, “We are raising our voices to defend Brazilian democracy.”

National Chief Officer, John Manjur, Condemning the “illegal and violent takeover of the Presidential Palace, Congress and the Supreme Court in Brazil,” he added: “We stand in solidarity with President Lula in the face of this attack on democracy and support the full legitimacy of his government.”

“We condemn the cowardly coup attack against democracy and Lula’s victory. Full support for the Brazilian people and the government elected by popular vote,” said Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kisillof, and warned that “throughout the region, the same scene exists: the violent right attacking democracy, attacking rights, the enemy of the will of the people and completely intoxicated with hatred”.

Horacio Rodríguez Loretta, head of the Buenos Aires government, expressed “deep concern about the attack on democratic institutions in Brazil”. And he added on Twitter: “My absolute condemnation of the violence and my total solidarity and support for Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and all the people of Brazil.”

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At midnight, the National Association of Magistrates and Officers of the Judiciary issued a statement in which it condemned the acts of violence that took place this Sunday. “These anti-democratic behaviors not only constitute a clear disregard for the will of the people and the powers of the recently-incumbent authorities, but also constitute an assault on the country’s constitutional institutions,” they began.

And they added: “Any act that ignores the validity of the Constitution and the authority of the institutions is a clear subversive and attempted coup deserving of severe condemnation.”

Finally, they concluded: “We stand in solidarity with the citizens of Brazil, so that peace can quickly return to the neighboring country, and the episodes that took place on that date are duly sanctioned, preventing their recurrence in any country in the region. .”


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