February 4, 2023

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Lungs and lesions before failure

This could be the biggest failure of the political alliance Sergio Massa and Gerardo Morales. Or accepting that those two important politicians (one is a Peronist and the other is the leader of the Chamber of Deputies, the other is the governor and the leader of the radical party) Christina Kirchner is powerless before political decisions. As powerless as the Chancellor Santiago cafiero To explain to his North American friend, Anthony Blink, A foreign policy that always embraces lost causes. Both Massa and Morales had been working for several days on a meeting between the Minister of Economy and the Leader of the Opposition for Change, a meeting Christina always rejected. The Vice President is a politician, he loves and longs for conflict; He is reluctant to talk to anyone, even those in his own alliance. Talking to the opposition since she and her husband came to power provides a platform to criticize the government. Strictly speaking, all that has been said in recent days is that political formation (perhaps imaginary) in his conversations with Morales, although the president should have been included in this misguided strategy, he at least, at the very least, endorsed the negotiations. Chairman of the House of Representatives.

The Economy Minister also had his gesture. Martin Guzman, who He wanted to see Christina Kirschner.. The ambitious Guzman thought he should choose Masa or Cristina, and he chose someone who would reassure him in the main chair of Palacio de Hasinda. But does this guarantee the agreement of the official policy to agree with the monetary fund? Christina is quiet, sometimes explaining sexy principles. Yesterday’s letter, after choosing other theatrical forms, is evidence of his hatred of the contract. This is an important question that unanswered opposition parties are asking: Does the vice president want a deal with the IMF or does he want a break to make a good impression on his literary cafe? Is it paradoxical to assume that the Vice President will seek to be the Leader of the Opposition in that agreement if Together for Change signs a final agreement with the multilateral body? They are only rhetorical questions because they refer to a situation that is currently not possible.

They make their own Alberto Fernandez He walked out of the meeting with his opponents when he warned that it would happen on the same day that Foreign Minister Kafiro met with US Secretary of State Blingen. The opposition may be respectful, but it will not come out praising Kuzman. Blingen would have gotten Kafiro amid fierce opposition criticism of the government’s economic policy.

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However, this view reveals a very narrow view of the relationship with the administration of the Argentine government. Joe Biden. It is true that the United States has a sufficient percentage of votes on the IMF board to block the approval of any draft agreement, even if other countries vote in favor. This is called veto rights. It is very true that a flexible position in Washington has a significant impact on the position of other countries on the Fund’s Board of Directors. But still Kafiro’s problem is not with his Argentine opponents, but with the government he represents.. Although subsequent statements were predictably diplomatic, Blinken was not indifferent to the bizarre twists and turns of Argentina’s foreign policy.

Although senior Washington officials criticized the ruling regime in Nicaragua, an Argentine representative returned to power. Daniel Ortega; The Latin American dictator imprisoned all the candidates who ran against him for the presidency. Even elegant Nicaraguan writing Sergio Ramirez, An exile from the Ordega couple, was surprised to find cohabitation on the same platform as the Argentine ambassador in Managua, in an article published in the Spanish newspaper El País. Daniel Captainich, And Vice President of Iran, Mohsen Resai, Alleged to have participated in the crime intellectually and financially Attack against AMIA In 1994. Ramirez was even more astonished by the statement from the Argentine Foreign Ministry, lamenting the presence of Reza in that lavish act. “A lament, not a protest,” Ramores insisted.

These are the surprises in the Blinken-led foreign ministry, which, like Ramirez, has been stunned by the diplomatic turmoil in the Argentine government.

It is unlikely that the US Secretary of State will be indifferent to the fact that Alberto Fernandez has chosen to travel to Moscow. Visit Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Thanks to him for giving me a vaccine at a good price that no Western country can display on Argentina? It is not approved by the World Health Organization or the European Drug Regulatory Agency (EMA) or its North American counterpart (FDA). Putin’s help to Alberto Fernandez for trusting such a small comparable vaccine.

However, the current crisis in the major Western countries with Putin is not due to the vaccine, but rather because the Russian leader failed to annex Ukraine to Russia. He is carrying out monumental military maneuvers on Russia’s border with Ukraine, from which Crimea has already withdrawn. Biden said at one end Russian military invasion of Ukraine This is Putin’s irreversible crossing of a red line. Ukraine, for geographical reasons, is more of a European issue than an American issue. For this reason, the concern also includes the most important European countries such as Germany, France and Great Britain. After the Cold War there was never such a serious tension between the West and Moscow as there is now. This is the moment when Alberto Fernandez chose to tour Moscow (by chance?). According to Blinken, the status of “partner and friend” is far from that of the Albertian pyrote.

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The trip to Moscow will take place in the first days of February. Official versions are expected to begin “exchanging ideas” with the fund’s technical staff by the end of January, and if these conversations progress, the local administration could write a letter of intent in February. The letter of intent must then be approved by the general director of the organization, Kristalina Georgieva, Then Washington’s vote by the Finance Board will be crucial. It is doubtful whether these editions were as serious as the assurances given by both Massa and Alberto Fernandez to Gerrard Morales about the meeting with the opposition. In a telephone conversation managed by Masa, Morales called on the president to hold the meeting with governors in Congress and parliamentary leaders of the opposition. The head of state assured him that he would personally see to it that this was done, and that even Masa asked Morales for a complete list of parliamentarians for change.. After the Presidential Spokesman, Gabriela Cerutti, Said no meeting with the opposition was planned, and talks between Morales and Masa turned frantic. Massa assured the governor of Jujuy that Cheruti’s claims were only intended to mislead the uninitiated. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Assamese’s government.. The meeting with provincial leaders failed due to the emptiness of Kuzman’s presentation. For all of this, there was (until never) a formal call to the opposition beyond the days and hourly promises made by Massa through the Morales. On Sunday afternoon, the main opposition leaders decided that they would not go to any meeting with the government under such conditions and would only do so if a letter addressed to the fund was drawn up.

The problem is, Alberto Fernandez decided to innovate and, as usual, he innovated badly. By a law of its creation, the letter of intent for finance must be approved by Congress before reaching the agency’s board. This is completely new. From Raul Alphonse to Mauricio Macri, they went through Nestor Kirschner and assigned negotiations and agreements (or disagreements) with the cash branch to the executive branch. The current president imagined that it would be a good idea to come up with a plan with the approval of both houses of Congress. Will legislators decide on monetary policy, ultimately devaluation and status of issuance? Do they have to accept the necessary changes in public spending to reduce the fiscal deficit? If so, no agreement is likely to be reached with the fund. What the government is sending to Congress will be a list of populist aspirations, not a list of practical solutions. In the essential book Juan Carlos Torre (Diary of a season on the fifth floor, Editorial Edhasa) Without comment, without adjectives, the inability of politicians to understand the causes of the economy is exposed. That book is an autobiography of Argentine democracy, because the problems that existed 38 years ago are still there, although the author only published diaries that he kept during his administration. In Juan Sorroe As Minister of Economy. The inability of politics to deal with the economy, the inability to reach basic agreements, the exaggeration of party balance in the country’s most pressing issues and the epic plans of the country going into the desert are all part of politics. Are we talking now? Yes, but from three decades ago.

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The government and the opposition will clash on another issue in the coming weeks: the new coalition Court, Which, according to the Supreme Court ruling, should come into effect from April 15. The government has already sent its plan to the Senate, where it will certainly get the approval of two friends. The real debate will take place in the House of Representatives, as always Mario Negri Then-Senator Christina Kirschner replaced another plan that valued the number of council members that existed before the merger. Christina’s integration was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Negri’s plan is, among other things, that a council of 20 members will have no absolute majority and will have a permanent chairman of the Supreme Court. It was like this until Christina cleaned that integration with the stroke of the pen. Such ideas of the opposition to “expel” the court scheduled for February 1 by Luis de Elia and Hugo Moino illustrate the action.. Alberto Fernandez, as promised to Gerardo Morales, rejected his promise to meet with the opposition. But at the same time it was known that he had received de Elijah on the 29th of last December in the city of Olivos. Even Elijah’s pro – Nazi and anti – Semitism did not prevent the photographer from ruining that unique and revealing moment. Imagine a country without Massa and Gerardo Morales.