May 30, 2023

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“Lula is going to do a lot of good for Brazil and the whole continent” | Alberto Fernandez after a meeting with Brazil’s president-elect

Alberto Fernandez Visit on Monday, October 31 LulaA day after winning the presidential election, To greet him, discuss regional issues and “give him the warmth he deserves”.

Fernandez is the first president to meet an elected president of Brazil He won 50.9% of the vote after the referendum, compared to 49.1% harvested by current state president Jair Bolsonaro.

The meeting took place from 1:30 pm on the second floor of the Intercontinental Hotel in Sao Paulo.

At the end of the meeting, Fernández said in brief statements to the media, “Brazilian men and women have expressed themselves freely and democratically elected my dear friend Lula. An extraordinary leader, an extraordinary Latin American leader and I am sure, as he has done before, a lot of good for Brazil and a lot of good for our entire continent.“.

“The first thing we have to do is protect democracy. It is necessary to take care of the popular choice in Latin America “We must think about the progress of Latin America,” said the Argentine president.

“I am personally here to give Lula, once again, a testimony of affection, friendship and commitment. She knows she has an unconditional friend in me,” concluded Fernandez.


This is Fernandez’s first visit to Brazil during his tenure. He accompanied Interior Minister Eduardo Vado de Pedro’s meeting with Lula; Ambassador Daniel Cioli in Brazil; Officials including Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero and spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti.

Minutes before the meeting, Alberto Fernandez pointed out: “I have great affection and admiration for Lula and I want to give her the hug she deserves. She is a good person, she is a leader in the region and we are very happy.”

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For his part, Cafiro revealed: “S Great pleasure to be here with this passion. I remember traveling with Alberto to visit Lula when she was in prison. It’s really exciting how things turned out. We really need Brazil. It’s always good news for Argentina that a good friend like Lula is now president of Brazil.

Alberto Fernández and Lula, presidential spokesperson Gabriela Cerutti explained. They will hold a private meeting, then they will have lunch, and finally there will be a press conference.

Before boarding the plane that will take him to Brazil, the Argentine president made statements on the neighboring country’s second round of elections and various local political issues.

“Reunite the continent”

President Alberto Fernández drew a parallel between the leadership of Luis Inácio Lula da Silva and that of General Juan Domingo Perón. And the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) was considered to be returning to the presidency of Brazil “It will help reunify the continent”. “He is the boss, the boss, the leader. And it doesn’t affect him because he always acts as a fighter,” he defined.

Before leaving for Sao Paulo to meet the third-term president-elect, The Argentine president indicated that the Brazilian president would be visiting the Planaldo Palace “at a time when there are many changes in the region.”Progressive and center-left principalities such as Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia.

In this case, da Silva “It could help a lot in the work we started with (Mexican) Manuel Lopez Obrador to reunify the continent. During globalization, the regions take on other meanings”, he explained an example to reflect on the importance of yesterday’s victory: “Brazil does not have a presence in CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States)” strengthen that body.

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“Lula is the greatest leader I have ever met”

Alberto Fernández, on the other hand, admitted that in his view, “Lula is a leader I have never met”. During a dinner they had with Economy Minister Sergio Massa last night, he compared Lula to Perón.

“I told Sergio that Lula must have been like Perón, because they are one of those leaderships, because one does not need to declare or declare, but realizes that he is there, that he is the one in charge, the boss, the one. Who leads. And he never made him feel that way, he always did. He will act as a fighter,” he defined during a radio profile interview.

Further As a member of the Committee for Lula’s Freedom, he recalled visiting the leader of the PT in prison while he was being held after a disorderly trial that convicted him without testifying.. “Despite many people telling me that it was not comfortable to see Pope Francis, I went for help. I say the convictions are not presumptive,” he asserted.

“The debate is not re-election or re-election”

On the other hand, He dismissed the possibility of re-election to the presidency of Argentina as appropriate for discussion in the current situationHe acknowledged that economic problems are taking the focus off other pressing problems “like inflation that we have to deal with.”

“The debate in Argentina is not re-election or re-election. That’s the least you should worry about. Argentinians should worry and ask themselves how to build the country of the future”, he said and drew a series of comparisons with what the government of Mauricio Macri, United for Change, is.

“Argentinians should ask themselves if they want a country where businessmen have to be intimidated into contributing 1 percent of their assets, or if someone has to be the government or bribed to access public works. Or they will be harassed by the intelligence services because of what they discover or they can tolerate the AFIP getting involved in their businesses,” he said.

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He also pointed out To be elected next year, “the deficit must be solved by taking out a loan or, if Aerolinas Argentina does not exist, the country’s link has been broken.”

“Those are the things that Macri presents” and, in this sense, “Argentina has to solve, does it want that country or a country with autonomy, that grows, that creates jobs and that ends inflation, that exists. And we have to solve. That is the real debate. ”, pointed out Alberto Fernandez, no re-election, no.