June 7, 2023

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Lost Skies is a new cooperative open world from the creators of I Am Bread

Bossa gamesAn independent developer with plans was acquired as well I am bread, I am fish oh Surgery simulatorHe announced his New Cooperative Scheme They will take a leap towards a new creative approach: about it Lost Skies, an open world where up to five players can come together to explore floating islands. It is currently in development for PC, where it will be released in one format “Open Development” They will involve the community in it.

Although the most popular games from Bossa Games (formerly Bossa Studios) are mentioned above, Lost Skies Inspired by another game from the same company: Wandering WorldsAn MMO in which players can create their own Floating Islands. It has nothing to do with this new project, although the developer admits to being inspired by the “ideas and gameplay”. Bossa Games shared to present this title Primer Advertising of Lost Skies. You can find it below:

what Lost Skies exactly?

Lost Skies An open world cooperative game Up to five players They can unite to explore the vast world of floating islands. On their journey, adventurers will find opportunities to do just that Build spaceships, brave storms, fight monsters and solve the mysteries of ancient civilizations. The game seems to leave behind moments of interaction with nature, puzzle solving and active movement Thanks for the hook The protagonists have that.

This project Edited by Humble Games soonPeggy Sayers, Director of Content Strategy, a company that celebrated the project’s announcement: “Bosa Games is creating an extraordinary world. Lost SkiesEverything you need to explore and Live incredible adventures with friends. Last Skies not only showcases Bossa’s new direction as a studio, but further advances the concept of what an indie game can achieve, setting the standard for the next generation of titles released by Humble Games.”

Lost Skies to reach Soon to be confirmed on PC and later platforms. It will be released in “open development” format. Below these lines you will find a gallery with pictures of the project.

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