June 7, 2023

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Live: Star Trek’s “Captain Kirk” sails on the Blue Origin and becomes the biggest man in space

A rocket Blue look Flying in space for a few minutes this Wednesday, the spacecraft with the symbol of space conquest: William Shatner, Who played the famous Captain Kirk Of the series Star Trek.

At the age of 90, You will be the oldest person to reach space.

This is the second flight with passengers made by the billionaire’s company Jeff Bezos, Who made the first trip last July.

“I will be amazed at the place. I want to look at the globe and appreciate its beauty and ruggedness.“William Shatner was looking forward to the video released by Blue Origin on Tuesday.

Departure from West Texas is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. (2:00 PM GMT) local time.

Rocket New Shepherd, Fully automatic and reusable, It starts vertically and has a launcher and capsule with a very modern design It was split on the plane.

New Shepherd (REUTERS / Joe Skipper) during the voyage by Bezos and three other passengers

Powered by: The Karman line goes beyond what is calledIn height 100 km, Which refers to the range of space according to the international conference.

Passengers can detach from their seats and float for a few moments at zero gravity.

The capsule, braked by three parachutes and rear-propelled, falls back to earth.. The launcher will automatically land a short distance from its take-off point.

In total, The experience only lasts eleven minutes.

Except for the Canadian actor, There will be three other passengers on Wednesday.

De Escierta A Terecha: Chris Poshuisen, William Shatner, Audrey Powers and Glenn de Vries (Twitter: Blue Origin)
De Escierta A Terecha: Chris Poshuisen, William Shatner, Audrey Powers and Glenn de Vries (Twitter: Blue Origin)

Chris Boschusen He is a former NASA engineer and co-founder Planetary LaboratoriesAn American company that photographs the Earth in high resolution every day using satellites.

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Glenn de Vries Is the co-founder of Medidata Solutions, A company specializing in clinical trial monitoring software for the pharmaceutical industry.

Finally, Audrey Powers, Manager of the Blue Origin, especially responsible for aircraft operations and rocket maintenance.

Worship Series

Within three months of Jeff Bezos flying into space, This new departure clearly demonstrates your determination to position yourself in your company’s preferred space tourism industry.

Bezos’ company is in fierce competition with Virgin Galactic, Which provides a similar experience for a few minutes. In July, the British millionaire Richard Branson He flew in space on the ship of the company he founded.

Bezos Startup Site Revenue (REUTERS / Mike Blake)
Bezos Startup Site Revenue (REUTERS / Mike Blake)

And for his part, in September, SpaceX Having four astronauts in orbit around the Earth for three days was a very ambitious (and expensive) mission.

“We’re only at the beginning, but what a wonderful start and how amazing it is to be a part of it.”William Shatner agrees in the Blue Origin video.

Star Trek aired for only three seasons since 1966 The Adventures of the USS Company, Launched on a galaxy expedition.

Science fiction enthusiasts, including Bezos, have turned it into a cult series. The Amazon founder appeared in one of the series’ many spin-off movies., Unrecognizable under an alien makeup.

“Captain Kirk, played by Shatner, is more than the ‘last frontier’ for some generations in the United States and the world.”Told AFP American screenwriter Mark Cushman.

The actor and his fictional character “They were symbols of the nation and the world – a growing interest in space research”He continued.

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Has long been guided by government agencies, There is now growing support from private companies for this space success. William Shatner is part of that ad.

(With information from AFP)