June 7, 2023

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Lionel Scaloni challenged the “hell of England” and drew praise from Tour de France champion Pedro Delgado.

Challenges motivate him. Always. And since this is not an unknown company, because he is in the body for hours on a bicycle, Lionel Scalloni I accept the challenge. The world champion Argentine trainer made the lightning journey from his usual home of Palma de Mallorca yesterday to tackle the “Hell of England”, the Asturias mountain region known for challenging cyclists.

Since his retirement as a footballer, Albiceleste’s coach has dedicated himself to racking up kilometers by bicycle; First he took to the road, along the tracks until dawn, then he chose to pedal indoors. On this occasion, he accepted the invitation Peter DelgadoWinner of the Tour de France in 1988 and the Vuelta a España in 1985 and 1989, to climb one of the most challenging climbs in the world of cycling, Asturias: “Knowing this legendary climb is an incredible experience”, Scolani said with more effort in his body.

Lionel Scaloni climbs El Angliru in Asturiashttps://twitter.com/juanfdelacruz

With Delgado having his own show, it was a unity of champions, but also a sports brawl for TV. The route started in El Cardel and ended in Angliru. And logically, the coach of the Argentine team showed that it was not a foregone conclusion when he got on the bicycle: “I was very impressed with the strength and preparation of the scallion. I knew it was going to be good, but I didn’t expect a performance like this”, Delgado said after the stage.

Scaloni explained why he can take on these types of cycling challenges: “Ever since I quit football, I’ve been into cycling, riding an hour and a half every day on a mountain bike rather than a road bike. I was very excited to visit these legendary mountains of the world famous Vuelta a España, so I gladly accepted Pedro’s invitation.”.

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In the first half of Angluru, which saw the Argentine rolling with ease, Delgado took the opportunity to ask him about his playing career. Once they crossed Via-Para the hardest challenge began: “Hell”. There are sections such as Cuesta de les Cabanes or Cueña Les Cabres with very steep slopes, fog and temperatures below 8 degrees, so there are climbs that can only be undertaken by highly trained athletes.

“This climb has nothing to do with Puig Major in Mallorca. Here I use 35 chainring teeth with 36 pinion teeth, which costs a lot to grow,” Scaloni told Delgado. The Tour de France champion admitted to DD: “You tormented me with your rhythm”.

The idea of ​​a call-up for the Argentina coach was expressed by Pedro Delgado. It was his son’s idea as he was inspired by the brand Scaloni recently took on the Mallorca 312 cycling tour, a competition with 167 kilometers of tough course and almost 2500 meters of accumulated unevenness..


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